Add Blog to existing Website

Hi, I created a Website with HTML and CSS and now my customer would like to add a Blog to the site.

Is there a way (a javascript-plugin?) to add Blog-funtionality (the possibility to post new entries, sort the entries by date, keywords, etc.) without re-creating the whole site in a Blog-Tool like Wordpress or the like?

Thanks for any advice


If you wanted you could just make a subdomain (like and install Wordpress there, but of course it would be a whole other site so I’m sure that’s not what your looking for.

Thanks Luxe, but you’re right, that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

Let me put it this way: If you want a blog on your site, is it necessary to build your site upon a blog/CMS-System? Or is there a (quick and dirty) way to integrate a blog in a plain old HTML/CSS-Site?

I would suggest that you install WordPress with very basic WP template in a separate directory (maybe named blog?) - or create a sub-domain like Luxe mentioned above. If you understand the basics of PHP (and I mean really only just the rudimentary basics), you should be able point your WordPress template to read your current css and paste any header / footer / navigation into to the template, so that it looks like your existing site.

It’s not really quick and dirty, but it means that you don’t have to rebuild what you already have.

Two things… Your site, your blog… are you trying to integrate your html/css site to a blog software? Then wordpress can be used and its easy as you can install wordpress from your cpanel.


are you asking about coding blog like feature yourself to your html site? Then its something like you have to have database and a admin page for posting content… A blog just pulls content from database and sorts from latest to oldest…

I hope this helps?

Thank you.

pulse CMS ( is worth a look which can be used to integrate, among other things, a blog to an existing site. There is a free and PRO version…

If your have cpanel, you can do it very easily.

Agreed, you should be able to click the wordpress icon in your CPanel and create a blog page for your website. Make it a single-page blog with links back to pages on your website that you want visitors to be able to find.
In my own example I have actually made 4 pages, home/join us/resources/and news but you can have as few or as many as you like

Without technical installation. Can we custom make and embed to blog? it is a forum platform, but it does the post and discussion function.

Its not to mush hard job… But you need to design blog like to your website and covert it to wordpress and upload it on your host then link you blog tab to it.

without re-creating the whole site in a Blog-Tool like Wordpress or the like?, may be this is a bit complicated for Typotobi. Any other alternative?

If your client doesn’t need an all singing all dancing blog, then I’d highly recommend Perch CMS. Its £40 and there’s a blog add-on.

Also if your client doesn’t have the budget for a Wordpress theme that matches their current website, then Perch can literally be “dropped” into any static HTML/CSS template you choose, saving you a massive amount of time.

the answer to your question is, yes you need to install cms there like wordpress if you want to have a blog, I would suggest go for wordpress cms… good luck!

Looking at the solutions proposed here. If you don’t already know WP it might be best to go with a commercial solution as it seams much easier to work with an exisiting current design. From experience however you can’t really challenge WP as a blogging platform. If you’re gong to use WP work with an already existing theme - Good luck! My first WP theme was hard to master, but now I know WP I love it. The real benefit to WP are it’s plug-ins, particularly those to do with SEO and code minifying which some of the commercial CMS’s lack.

As the original poster has gone AWOL I’m closing the thread now.