Accepting credit cards on my site


I currently only accept PayPal.

I’d like to accept credit cards not through PayPal.
I’d like the surfer to enter his card’s details on my site.

Can you recommend good and trusted companies?



There are a lot of great merchant providers out there. I’d suggest you start with a look at our FAQ on the topic and then take a quick look at a few providers, come back and ask any questions you run into:

wow, you have so many articles and threads.
i just printed a million pages and i’m going to read it.

but google checkout requires that the shopper have an account with google.

i want a solution for those who don’t have an account anywhere - no paypal, no google no nothing.

not all surfers (of my merchandise at least) have a payment account somewhere.



PayPal allows you to accept credit and debit cards through your website without having to go through PayPal’s regular “portal” page - without needing a PayPal account. You need to look up IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) and you’ll need at least Website Payments Standard, using their API system and IPN you can have a form on your website, pass the data to PayPal, and PayPal will send a response to say if the payment was successfully. :slight_smile:

authorize and linkpoint are good also search for cardservice international