Checkout with Paypal

When buyers proceed to checkout with PayPal, how to show a PayPal guest checkout option as the default, for customers who want pay with credit card without having a Paypal account?

No way, you must have a payment gateway to get payment from VISA, Master Card or Others. Paypal support Credit Card payment but you must have a BUSINESS ACCOUNT in paypal.

You need a business account to take money but customers do not. In fact “they” don’t need an account at all to pay with a credit card. And while I think seamless merchant integration is ideal, a gateway is not required to take credit cards so long as you’re ok with people going to paypal along the route.

espring - Have you seen any sites that were able to change the default option? I have the feeling paypal wants to start people off with the account approach but if I’m wrong we can help dig through FAQs…

No, that’s simply not true. Premier and Business account holders can accept payment from buyers without a Paypal account. Buyers can check out use a credit or debit card. Signing up for a Paypal account for new buyers is optional.