5 E-marketing Techniques You Can't Ignore

Hey people,

I have been thinking lately what to give back on this forum 'cause I’ve learned a lot. Now, the experts on BHW may not value this, but I hope the newbies do.

These tips from the bedrock of internet marketing and understanding them will yield lasting benefits. Ignore them to your own disappointment.

  1. You must incorporate into your site a means to capture your visitors email addresses so that you can bring them back to your site thus making them repeat visitors. We achieve this by offering a free newsletter loaded with helpful, innovative marketing information. We also implement follow up autoresponders to send out personalized, sequential messages designed to bring the visitors back to our site and eventually close the sales.

  2. It is EXTREMELY important to track the effectiveness of your advertising. This task is crucial no matter how much money the owner of a publication insures you will make or how sure you are that an ad will perform well for you. There are many tools that help you do this. We offer our affiliates a tool that will help them track any advertisement they send out so they can determine if the ad is worth their time and whether or not to advertise in that medium again. Our affiliate program is free to join at our site.

  3. You must constantly test your sales material. We model all our sales copy after proven successful sales letters written by Direct Marketing experts. We constantly test and revise our sales copy to see what will generate the highest response rate.

  4. We recommend that everyone use bartering to get free advertising. We use bartering as the main means of obtaining advertising for our products and services. This keeps our advertising overhead to a minimum. For instance, we may trade a 6 month membership in our members-only site for a solo mailing in an ezine that reaches over 25,000 subscribers.

  5. If you are not also marketing your internet business offline you are missing a huge market that could be interested in your business. We have had great success marketing offline and you can too. Many marketers utilize offline marketing to find their leads and prospects and then direct them to their websites to “close the deal”. The best way to market offline is to use free advertising. If you are good at writing articles related to your products or services, we recommend that you write an article and submit it to highly targeted magazines or trade publications that cater specifically to the market you wish to reach.

Be sure to include a “resource box” at the end of your article. A “resource box” is that free mention at the end of your article that gives your readers more information about you. Your article has already established your expertise so your readers will want a way to contact you so they can learn more about your related products and services. It is very important that you make it as easy as possible for your readers to contact you (provide your voice mail number, website address, email address and whatever else you choose).