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I’m currently trying to think of ideas to promote my website, has anyone tried listing on and paying 390 for the spotlight? If so has it worked out? I am also thinking about creating some contest, anyone out there have good experience there? Thanks.

This is the best way i believe. Networking is one of the best way in real sales, so why not in online sales. The more networking clients you have the better it is for your business. This of course is a long term benefit and you will not see short term effects, but without this most people will not survive past the first year or two. Of course it depends which area you are trying to market into

There are 65 Million Facebook users worldwide so I guess Facebook alone is the best place to promote your site.

The following are useful techniques and are FREE:

Article marketing
Link building
Search engine optimization
Social bookmarking sites

You could also do some offline marketing like printing you web address on business cards, stick it to your car, put it on promo fridge magnets and so on. Of course, if it worths the effort…

Hi, I am Jasson,i am new for this site.
The following techniques are useful for you
search engine optimization
search engine marketing
pay per click management
forum posting
Directory social bookmarking…


All good stuff. If I may add my own two cents here too to what the guys have said, I have been using video marketing now for around four years as a part of my overall business model. I have a method that works very well for me. Its a bit long winded so I will summarise as best I can in this space.

I find offers from my CPAs, any niche will do really. I then find videos related to my product where the owner has a certain amount of views but has no link to anything. I then contact the owner and based on a spreadsheet calculation I use, which is based on several variables, view count, time up, conversion rate for typical youtube videos, which is less than 1% in most instances, I calculate how much I could earn from traffic off this video. I then contact the owner, again I have a very particular template I use for this mail and I offer then a certain amount per month, to, in effect, rent their video. Now there is a high rate of ignoring on their parts, which is to be expected, but a certain % will take the offer. I have rented videos in the past for $20 per month whilst making 400 - 500 off that video. The reality is that some owners don’t realise the value of the traffic they have and have never thought of monitizing it in any fashion. Given the sheer volume of videos on youtube etc there is always someone who will be open to this approach. This has been a consistent and cheap source of traffic and earnings for me for years now. Again, I never, never offer to buy their accounts, just to rent their vids. Hope this helps. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will post on it again

Forgot to mention, and in the interests of IM brotherhood and sisterhood and sharing:), if anyone wants the spreadsheet mentioned in the last post, just pm me and you can have it

Joining in social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. is a good start to advertise your site because there are lots of viewers participate in this networking site. In Facebook, create a fan page and then post some interesting offers that can easily attract viewers to your site.

i agree with fatstripping. why should you take chances if you are able to do it for free?
i think that social bookmarking sites and Search engine optimization are usefull as well.

I’ve pretty much done most of the mentioned above except for the off line market which is pretty intereting.

I’m looking for more of detail specific examples.

Currently working on building xml site map, definitely need some help there to do this for free, there are plenty of paid services for this.

Article marketing, link building and social bookmarking are ALL part of OFF-PAGE SEO(Search Engine Optimization)…

HHMMM… :nono: This will ONLY work if your site has physical products. If what you are offering is services or virtual products it might just be a waste of money and time, particularly because your potential buyers are easier reached through email or where they do business ONLINE.

Social network sites are good as long as you approach them in the right way. If you let yourself get caught up in the socializing frenzy then you will lose a lot of time.

If you are willing to pay a bit, you can try Facebook Ads. Those are highly effective now a days and you will start getting clicks and thousands of impression from day 1. I have used it and I really liked it.


Affiliate Marketing can be one of the best option to promote your website. Prepare an affiliate program that provides gifts, goodies and various earning schemes to your affiliates.