How to increase the Returning Visitors for a website?

I am runing a free online store under <>

I bought PPC from some publisher website and some times get more than 1000 visitors. But few of them are returning visitors.

Do you have any ideas about how to increase the returning visitors? i think the returning visitors are more likely become real customers.


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What’s the bounce rate on your pages? Are the terms highly relevant or somewhat relevant? How do you price vs the competition? What is your conversion rate like?

use the easy and simple language that the user easily understand

Just one word! CONTENT

Have an optin option to a newsletter or a discount emailer where you promise to email discounts periodically. Then run an email marketing campaign on those optins.

That’s the best tip.

People are not likely to return to your site simply because of the other sites that exist.

I have have a feeling your site may be quite generic - by tightening down on a niche you may see better results too.

Remember, you are not in a vacuum - there is a lot of competition you are up against.

It’s hard to tell without looking at your site.

Give them a reason to come back.

Registration for an email newsletter, RSS feed, daily updates. If the content is good and is updated regularly (daily is ideal), you will see a portion of your visitors returning. However - if your site is performing well SEO-wise, don’t fret about seeing a majority of your traffic coming from the search engines.

To me, I return to a site when I find that the site has much information that I can refer to and I can’t simply go through them in one sitting. This is the typical scenario where I will bookmark and return later.

Hope this helps.


Try to decrease bounce rate, put impressive content, make some intresting post.


Agree with yasha78. RSS feed & News letter subscription are better to get visitors back to your site. For RSS feed you have to update your site frequently.

The best way to get returning visitors is having some useful and interesting contents in your site or blog.However nowadays many site owners give some free stuff like ebooks for getting retuning visitors.You also may sometimes arrange some contest in your site and it will help you to get more repetitive visitors.

I agree with donboe, content is crucial. If you do not have interesting content on your site, or aren’t continuously adding new content people are not going to find a reason to return to your site.

You may also want to create an opt-in, sign up page. This allows you to build a list and continue to follow up with those visitors through emails.

Having good content helps. Using twitter and fb pages allows you to update your followers regularly on new content

well you can try decreasing bounce rate and make impressive content…

Content is king. Ultimately it’s fresh and interesting content updates that will bring people back.

And you can use email (as suggested above) to inform your newsletter subscribers of updates.

Content and offers. What incentive would bring back your customer again? 25% off on their next purchase?

The first thing you want to do when trying to get repeat visitors to your website is to frequently add new content. Add new posts, pictures, videos often.

Start a newsletter and have visitors prescribe to it by e-mail. Each time you post your newsletter, your visitor will receive a notice by e-mail and probably come by to see what’s new

Add an RSS feed so that your site can be easily bookmarked. Feel free to get creative with your feeds

May be helpful to you for increase returning visitors for your site.


Design Facebook fan Page and give link on your website. So once he becomes fan on your FB then he will be aware of each and every updating on your site and chances of coming back on your websites are more. We have tried this technique for few of our customers and we got success.

yeah there must be more focus on returning visitors, if a website is not getting returning visitors then its not growing as it should be, to get the visitors back try methods like email marketing, remember visitors by setting cookies, offering something for old visitors, these tips may get back those visitors.

Design a great landing page!