Internet Marketing Strategies

Making Money on the internet can take some time but if u can be consistent you can make alot of
money on the internet. There are different ways you can market on the internet like paid
advertising. Paid avertising u can see results real quick with paid leads and text ads.

Another way people use to Market on the internet is using search engines, blogs and social
networking etc. to promote their website. This also can be an effective strategy to get traffic
to your website. The paid advertising would be the best if u got the money to spend on the leads,
but for those that don’t then the second way is good also.

Thanks your good suggestion every owner of a site thinks how he can increase the traffic in his site & also search engine rankings. If you want your site to be ranked high in the search engine, high-quality original content and the number and quality of links Social bookmarking is important for any website because it can generate traffic several different ways social bookmarking websites offer unique services and ways of using the submitted bookmarks also good for getting back link…

Your list of marketing strategies are the ones that most businesses use to sell their products. I’ve been reading a lot of these lately. Which one do you think is the best among those? And what are the advantages of using each of those? Please elaborate on this because I am also after what I am to use with the business I am about to start.


Have you done any of these strategies you mentioned there?

I really hope you are kidding about that. Have you read the OP?

Here some of best sites

Have you done any of these strategies you mentioned there? It would be appreciated if you share your experience and the result that you got from it.

can u tell me which email marketing software is best , i use Mach5 and email companion

And the bad way would be posting trite, banal, obviousness on forums.

That, and using texting abbreviations which make it clear you’re like fourteen years old.

Seriously, other than consistency, there wasn’t a strategic part to your post. Those are all Tactics. But then it is a rare person who knows the difference between a strategy, a tactic, how a feature is different from a benefit, or why brand awareness is far inferior to brand preference.

I swear, if anybody knew marketing strategy meant consistency offline and online, consistency across product design, service design, customer testing, how you answer the phones and what your invoices look like, the revelation would make their head explode.

Promoting your business using Facebook and Twitter is an impeccable techniques to get quality traffic for your website. What you need is loyal fan-following and time to build your image to get such fan-following, Yes it can take some time to promote your business through this site. Or you can prefer sites like to achieve those loyal fan-following life for your fan-pages or for your your profile.

Till today, forum is considered the strongest channel to influence people. Blogs are also making their way to becoming influential at presenting ideas. Along with forums and blogs, social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious are rising as an influential platform

When starting a business you need to build a brand. For instance where do you think Nike would be without the Swoosh. Just get in front of people whether it is a blog, article, directory, facebook fan page, twitter, or whatever. Just get out there and become known.

I am in the business for so long. Had so much success with changing my sales method. Recently started trying to finish sales pitches… simply tired of travelling to clients who are not really interested anyway – you waste 2 hours in a car to get thrown out after 15 minute meeting :mad:…. So tried to run the presentation via phone! Here is the thing though, you can actually show these on a dedicated page to your client while talking. Basically you just tell your client which web page to go and then talk while paging around your stuff on your own machine (and client will see exactly what you are doing on your machine). Solutions to do this are called meeting software or capture software. Quite a number of different ones – go2meeting, glance and adobeconnect. I although just use a basic one called 321meet since clients seem to understand it immediately and it requires no download. Anyway – try out one of these solutions and save yourself too many wasted trips to client offices. :cool:

There are many available strategies you can use in marketing your product or service virtually. Identify what is effective for the type and nature of your business. Just always keep into great consideration that whatever methods you will use, make into a point that you can gain lots of individuals to visit the page

Everything that needs to be said has been said.

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