1and1 not release my domain nor replying to any of my emails. Plsease help

1and1 used to be good but lately their support has been horrible at best. So, I wanted to move my urls over to Bluehost. I followed the steps to initial the transfer the domain names and input all the appropriate codes 6 days ago and my sites still have not been transferred and my primary domain at 1and1 has the message “There is a domain registration error” underneath “status”. They have opened an elevated ticket on my case last Friday and still have not gotten back to me. Over 50 phone calls later, each lasting about 1/2 hour, they can’t answer any of my questions and no supervisor is ever available. What should I do?

Are your domains with 1&1? If you bought them through a domain provider you should have access to them there. You can change your own DNS settings with your own domain register.

Have you made sure the issue isn’t with the registrar you are trying to transfer the domains to? You just might have the whole thing backwards.

Yes, I am positive. I do this for a living. 1&1 is not letting my domains go. I do know what I am doing. What are my options?

Holy cow! I am another victim of 1and1 domain scam. I should have searched and read these forums first before attempting to register my domain.
I got this new domain that I wanted to register and I placed an order for that on the 1st of June 2012 but then I never received any reply at all from them even after going through payment with Paypal (it’s like an ongoing/recurring payment agreement that I had to agree to according to their policy). Well I got all my Paypal agreement done with them and still no reply whatsoever. So I waited for 2 - 3 days, and today 4 June 2012 I finally received a reply after emailing them on 2 June 2012 pointing out that issue.

I thought I received a confirmation that the domain registration order I placed through 1and1 has been successfully processed, but damn it!!! Guess what now?!! I looked up the whois search and it reveals that domain has just been registered by this f’ing ‘Fundacion Private Whois Domain Administrator’ , and registration date?? You guess it, it’s 2012-6-3 (3rd June 2012!! Huh?!)

1and1, if it’s one of your employees/directors/managers who did this, you got really a very dirty and nasty game you play here.
And in case it’s someone who is affiliated with that sucker who works in your company that played this dirty game, 1and1, your company still sucks big time!!!

For guys out there, never ever use 1and1’s domain registration service, why? Because of this:

  1. Your domain will never get registered straight away, it will sit there waiting 2 - 3 maybe longer to be processed
  2. While that’s awaiting, you risk your domain name somehow got stolen intentionally/unintentionally by one of their staff or their affiliate
  3. Their online customer account system does not work properly, I tried to login with the correct account number and password, it didn’t let me in, even though after I reset my password, and used new password still no nothing!
  4. If such scam like this can happen (not only this time, pls pls read other threads in this forum), it means you are also risking all your valuable info i.e. payment details, personal details, you name the rest could be shared and exposed to their scams affiliate or some sort.

Enough complaint, does anyone know what are the procedures/things involved in bringing this attention to ICANN so I can report this issue to be investigated by ICANN please? I guess it’s my bad luck this time, but I’ll bite the bullet and move on, however, it makes me so p’ssed off that it forces me to at least report this case to ICANN.