1&1 is total scam, stay as far as you can


They recently blocked my account due to a failed transaction ( tried to buy wp hosting from a card with different name, I bought many other domains with same card haven’t faced any issues but this transaction got me directly blocked ), my 1&1 is around 3 months old, I have a 3 months old domain along with all my hard work of Quality Backlinks. They suspended all my domains and blocked my account. Emailed them a lot of times, Haven’t got any reply yet.

  • Called support, they said call security team.

  • Called security team, they said we cant accept the transaction, you’ll have to call the support team to get back the domain.

  • Called support team, they said “I have to fill up a form and submit it”, now i submitted a form and got this reply
    " Unfortunately, your account was terminated by the security team. Without an active account we will not be able to restore the domain."

  • Called the security team again, they said I can get the domain back, what I need to do is create a new 1&1 account and ask transfer team to transfer my domain this nee account.

  • Therefor i contacted an 1&1 agent and created new account, and I talked to them for 53 minutes and they said they can’t do anything.

I have called them so many times, I even don’t remember what conversation we had each time.

When I was really green in the development scene, I tried signing up for an account on 1&1 thinking I would be able to create a “free account” along with “free domain” using their subdomains. However I was wrong about that. I saw that I was being charged for something that was supposed to be “free”. Prior to that, I was prompt to type in my credit card information so I did that. When I saw I was being charged, I then canceled the account along with the billing statement. The website said that my account was closed and everything. Months later, I get a call saying that I haven’t payed the fees on my account. But I closed my account before any more fees was added onto my account. They charged my bank and I told them to check their system because I remember closing my account, they did so. They found out that I did actually close my account and no charges was supposed to be put on my account anymore so they rewarded and gave back the money they charged me.

I strongly suggest anyone who doesn’t know much about purchasing domains or even getting “free” domains to not do it. If a company is asking for your credit card information and they are giving you “free” domain for it, don’t do it. Learn from my mistake and don’t do what I did.

Yeah this happens most of times, but mine is totally different issue, formjust a payment failure they terminated my whole account.

I find they are one of the worst hosting providers after Fasthosts & GoDaddy. Their support team is useless and I find whenever I have had to call them the connection quality is so poor i end up just giving up due to being bored of repeating my self

I have switched to using Kualo now and can only say good things about them and their support is second to none. Definitely worth checking them out if you can!

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Yep 1&1 haven’t got the best reputation as you’ve found. There are plenty of web hosts who provide a much better service so shop around.

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Sorry to hear that, I hope you’ll find better service provider

I’m sorry about your experience with this company. I hope you’ll find a better hosting provider soon. Thank you for sharing as well. I’ll take note of this just in case I came across with this company in the future…

Thanks for sharing… I love pp like you who save the unsuspecting innocent… Bravo! @tunerway

i use very good

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