Another tight slap for 1&1

After reading the plight of another fellow forumer about how sucky 1&1 is, i would like to share my own experiences with them.

during my stay in england as a Uni student many many years ago, i registered a domain name with 1&1 to launch a blog. as years gone by many domain name registrars sprung up offering good deals and so i was enticed by those offers i decided to transfer my domain out of 1&1. this is where the nightmare begins.

the first year of nightmare started when i decided to cancel the contract. just like louis11 pointed out, 1&1 did not have their cancellation link on their frontpage. i need to google around to find it! So there i go cancelling it choosing the final date of my contract to end everything. period.

my life kept me occupied so i did not return and check the cancellation progress. soon after that a reminder was sent to me to payup. i overlooked the email, and decided to ignore it (my fault) and move on. i thought everything will be ok then.

too my shock, the usual sum was ‘extracted’ from my paypal and i filed a complaint. the tech support gave a lot of lame explanations that make u think how untrained they are in dealing with customer complaints. fine then, i decided to continue another year since they have already extracted my money.

in my control panel, the domain is still very much alive even after cancelling them, it does not have any significant effect on it whatsoever. the hassle that 1&1 gave me and life has kept me busy that i forgot my early intentions of transferring them elsewhere hence the standstill to give way to this issue to be solved peacefully.

soon after that i was back in my home country. before the contract expire few months ago, i logged in again the same bloody cancellation webpage and cancel it on the expiration date.

not long after just few months before expiring, they emailed me an invoice asking me to pay up, so well i decided to ignore it. i have emptied my UK paypal funds and transferred them to my homecountry’s paypal funds deliberately as a way to protest.

so there they go again, making a few attempts in trying to extract money from me even though i have clearly made my point that i do not want to be with them. this is because they kept sending me emails asking me to pay up.

i ignored them, and my ex-housemates who are still in england told me that this pesky company send me debt collector letters to my previous home in england demanding me to payup. the envelop getting red and redder each time, LOL. since i am no longer there anymore, i dont give a s***

Only until recently i found a new domain registrar and decided to have a go with it. so i logged in 1&1 to check my domain details. the domain that they recently try to extract money from was labeled as DELETED in their status. I cannot access the package anymore as the links has been removed. (note: even during this time the domain status was marked as DELETED, the blog is still very much alive)

I initiated transfer from my new domain registrar, and surprisingly the tech support in 1&1 is still willing to supply me an EPP/authorization code (via email) to initiate the transfer. so i proceed with the process and waited for few days. after nearly a week, i then received an email from my new registrar stating that the transfer has been terminated - surprisingly from 1&1 itself.i was like wtf?

i fired up an email to 1&1 demanding explanations. they said they cannot initiate the transfer because i havent pay up and my domain has been marked as DELETED.

i furiously say why the discrepancies between different personnel in handling this issue? they then offer to have a look at it, and this guy from transfers dept requested for my paypal email address for ‘verification’.

i am not sure what ‘verification’ is that but it sounds shady to me. after supplying them the paypal email, i sat and waited. few hours past and so happens i wanted to update the blog, i tried to log in, and this is what they gave me:

(note: this pic aint mine, but the page generated on my domain was exactly similar. Pic credits:

i emailed them - the domain broker and inquired of how about getting the domain back, and to 1&1 literally firing them for betraying me. it seems that the ‘verification’ with the paypal email addy was their last ploy in making me stay with them, and when they failed to extract money, they dsabotaged the transfer by ‘selling’ my domain off to a 3rd party who happens to be an unscrupulous domain name broker who does not reply to emails.

i am in limbo now.

I’ve always used dynadot with great success. Hope they get your domain back!

Hmm. You need to transfer your domain name to the new domain name registrar. But you need to be domain name administrator. So are you domain name admin?
(sometimes web hosts own domain names of their customers).