1and1 scam, need help

Yesterday I registered 6 domain names .co
and they were available and i paid and there was pending in my account.
after couple hours show domain name registration error.
I called and the customer service took like 5 minutes to reply and he said all domain are yours we just waiting to registered it in your name.
At 6 pm i check again i see that one of the domain is being deleted and i got an email they said they couldnt registered it, i called and ask why they said somebody in india registered. I asked what time, she said 11am , when i bought mine it was 9 am . Anyway i asked about the 5 others why still not in my account , shes like its a serious problem we need to escalate it to higher department to register it . This morning still show domain error , i called again and they still cant answer my question your issue being investigated by the head quarter in germany , and you know what later yesterday night i registered 5 other domain and they were approved, why these premium name they dont approve it.
What I think that 1and1 all their employees from india, i can expect that they didnt approve the domain name and registered it over there.
What should I do ?
Should I contact i cann or i should wait
Thanks for your help

Thank you for answering the question, Christine, but it is unfortunate that 1&1 never made it clear that it was not equipped to immediately register the domains.

I have some 1&1 accounts and while I am satisfied with the hosting (despite some glitches now and then), I realized quite a while ago that there was a delay when I registered domains using 1&1 that did not exist with other registrars. I wasn’t sure whether it was a delay in registration or a delay in communicating, but I decided to stop using 1&1 as a registrar (even though the free privacy feature is a very welcome touch).

When you say “we are in the process of reconfiguring our system to reduce the amount of time between ordering and official registration as much as possible,” it sounds like even when you have reconfigured your system, you still may not register domains as instantaneously as other registrars. Is that true?

Thanks spikeZ. I hope I’m able to answer all of the questions that come up, I will definitely help as much as possible.

Looking forward to some great conversations,
Christine Skiffington, 1&1 Internet

Welcome to SitePoint Christine, thanks for stepping up and fielding the questions its much appreciated :tup:

Hi, Christine from 1&1 here, sorry for the delayed response to this thread.

I apologize for all the confusion and trouble you had registering your .CO domains. 1&1 domain registration is never immediate, and we had some additional delays, probably what you experienced, due to the outstanding amount of .CO domain orders coming through at one time. Please allow me to explain…

Worldwide, 1&1 conducts domain registrations for numerous TLDs (for example .AT, .FR, .CO.UK, .CH and .LI). Until recently, these domains could not be registered with ICANN in real-time. Our system was not set up to provide immediate registration in an effort to accommodate the time needed to register these TLDs and also to ensure that all domain registration occurs at the same rate. Also, every 1&1 order, including domain registration, goes through an extensive fraud detection process before the contract is officially created, the purpose being to reduce Internet fraud.

Since these TLDs can now be registered in real time with ICANN, we are in the process of reconfiguring our system to reduce the amount of time between ordering and official registration as much as possible.

As an ICANN Accredited Registrar (recognized ICANN partner), I assure you that we comply with all requirements. I hope all of your domain issues have been resolved. If you have any open issues, feel free to email me directly (online at 1and1.com).

Best Regards,
Christine Skiffington, 1&1 Internet

Hi Green Moon, sorry to hear you’re no longer using 1&1 for domain registration, for the delay I can only apologize.

The reason I phrased it like that is because I’m not 100% sure if it will be “instantaneous,” but the registration time will be reduced significantly. The reason it might not be registered in a few seconds is because of our fraud prevention system that all orders must go through - it’s likely that this could cause a slight delay (few hours max).

Currently, domain registration usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. The update we are working on will cut this time down significantly.

Hope this helps,
Christine Skiffington, 1&1

With all the problems members have complained about with 1&1, I asked SitePoint HQ about their advertising 1&1 - especially on the pages where they’re so savaged. The response I received was that SitePoint can’t vet every advertiser but they did get 1&1’s agreement to have a rep come to the forum and respond to problems like this.

I’ll forward this thread’s link to HQ and hope that it’s passed along to 1&1 as “registering” a domain name then discovering that it’s not available is a gross ethical breach and should be reported to ICAAN.




I got exactly the same problem! I have registered couple of domain names on exactly the same day of launching the .CO domain names, with 1and1. Out of four domain names, they said one of them were already registered. I got another one. But as you said two premium domain names! The status is still “there is a domain registration error”. I am contacting them from 22nd July onwards. Still they are saying the case is escalated to a higher department.

The interesting thing is the domain status if we check it in opportunity.co is “available”. But all the other domain registrars show this as already registered. They gave me two email addresses. complaints@1and1.co.uk and transfers@1and1.co.uk. I just contacted them, but not expecting any magic.

yumoryuk, you may call them directly using the phone number 01753 490 401, if you are in UK. If you could post us some updates regarding the issues, it would be a great help.

Guys, what should I do, in this situation? I don’t want to loose my domain names, as they are premium ones. What is the procedure in contacting ICANN? Would they be able to solve it? Do I need to contact them now or should I wait a little bit more?

Thank you for you comments.

Hmm. That would be intersted to hear how they explain this situation for you. Then think over exact actions.

I appreciate Christine replying to threads here, but I think she is maybe fighting a losing battle with the intransigence of her company.

I purchased a domain with 1and1. After 30 hours had passed and my account was still not activated, I wrote to support@1and1.com last night. I have just heard back from them this morning (I am in Europe) - an automated e-mail [my bold]:

[I]Please contact our Account Verification department to further checked into your 1&1 Account Status (1-877-206-4253 , M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm , EST).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Junjie Manacap[/I]

Well, yes, I do have further questions - would it not be easier to RESEND my e-mail to your account verification department, rather than e-mail me back and ask me to call a number that will not open for about 12 hours?

And now, having read all the negative reviews of 1and1 on this and other sites, would other posters maybe recommend I just cancel working with them and get out before I have really started? The cost of the domain was only $5 and it is not a commercial site, so the name is not the most important: would I be better to cut my losses and get out before I just waste my time with automated responses from “support” that mean absolutely nothing? Why do such companies always seem determined to make you lose little bits of your time, create hell over tiny sums of money? Does it really bring them any benefit?!? And to my mind it goes against the whole principle of the web anyway. Any advice? (I paid with a debit card, the transaction is still in the system last time I looked).

Update: I called the number and it seems the delay is because of payment by a debit card issued by a bank they are not used to dealing with (yes, it is Citi, but it is actually Citibank Europe). The person I spoke to said they would put a ticker on it and hurry up the process…