0.50% Click through rate?!

I don’t know if you’re allowed to post site links here or not but here is the site. With this site i’m only getting 0.5% click through rate with the ads, and as you can see the ads are in perfect positions. Most people come to the site looking for proxies, and the ads are surrounding the important part of the site. How do you improve this? this is obviously really bad. I hear you can get CPM ads? which are per impressions? where you get $4 per 1,000 impressions? maybe this would be better?

Sounds like you are doing really well. 0.5% is a really high click through rate for ads given that people don’t visit web pages in order to click on the ads.

I have to agree. 0.5% is not that bad at all. Try playing around with the ads. Try different creatives and monitor the results.

Offer space to special companies by contacting them. And try playing with your adv. You can make more.

Now, depending upon your Niche, .5% can be good or bad, however, generally, I expect a minimum of 1.5% CTR on my website.

You should definitely look at A/B testing - Different Ad Location, Ad Designs, Ad sizes (Generally Wider and larger do better) to begin with. Also, whats your current bounce rate? Look at reducing it to improve overall ad earnings.



Sounds like you are doing really well. 0.5% is a really high click through rate

I have to agree. 0.5% is not that bad at all.

I’m not sure I completely agree. Taking the whole of last month, I was seeing CTRs ranging from 0.71% to 1.39% on most of my sites. I also had a site with a CTR of 14.29%, but that was clearly exceptional; I expect it will drop back soon.

That said, I suppose 0.5% isn’t too bad if you have a lot of traffic. Perhaps the answer is not to worry about CTR, but to focus on your total income.

Siik25, you say your ads are in a “perfect position”. There’s no way you can know that. You can only know what is the best position for your particular site and for your visitor pofile. It always worth experimenting to find better positions - not to mention better better combinations of colours and fonts.


Actually, a lower CTR is worse if you have a lot of traffic. Your missing a lot of potential revenue in terms of absolute numbers.


I see what you mean. But does that really matter? After all, the only important factor is your total revenue.


Correct, but if you could optimize the CTR from .5% to 1.5% (which I personally consider ideal), no matter how different the eCPMs are, it will definitely increase the overall revenue, in a real word scenario.

well 0.5% isn’t that bad, first of all.
the only method for increasing it is testing, testing and again testing. I mean your ads, you can set up different locos, sizes etc… It was already mentioned here, plus I want to notice that in case of high traffic volumes it’s not criminal to have CTR like yours.