CPM ads for low traffic sites

Ok, so my understanding is CPM ads pay per thousand impressions.
However from what ive read most CPM banner ad networks only work with sites that get around 100000 page impressions per month.

My site gets 500 uniques a day, and 1200 page impressions. This is around 35000 page impressions a month.

Would CPM banner ad networks work with me on this volume level. And if so whats a typical CPM rate?

Doubtful. Your best bet is CPC like Google’s AdSense until you pickup some more traffic.

It depends on your niche. If you are gaming related then you may earn more from CPM if you can’t get much of a CTR. There would be a few that will accept you, but they are most likely to be the lower paying ones.

with that type of traffic most high end networks won’t take it, even if it is in an extreme niche.

There are plenty of 3rd tier networks that would take it (like most of the yeildmanager networks) But you’d be lucky to get maybe even 10 cents CPM. With a minimum payout of say $50 from most networks it would take months to reach that number. By then they will probably either kick you out, or the company it’s self will have gone under

Depending on the niche, where your traffic is from and the network you go with the amount you will be paid will vary. From my experience with two CPM networks that show general ads (not specifically tied to a certain niche) the average eCPM is around $0.30 - $0.45.

So with 35000 impressions a month you could earn:
Low: 35 x 0.30 = $10.50
Avg: 35 x 0.45 = $15.75
High: 35 x 0.70 = $24.50 (Best case scenario with eCPM of $0.70)

From that it might be a better option to see how a CPC network performs, or alternatively look for direct advertisers on your site.

As its currently being suggested CPM ads might not be the best monetization option for you. Although many CPM ad networks do not have a minimum impression requirement, you will not have the ability to earn much revenue from your traffic using CPM networks.

Your low is on the high side. Low could be as low as $.05 per 1000 if you’re using the yieldmanager network.

Ads paying $0.05 would not even cover most peoples bandwidth costs.

That’s true. My calculations only took the first tier networks (Tribal Fusion, Casale, Valueclick) into calculation using the averages from them. I’ve never seen them go lower than $0.30 eCPM for mostly US traffic.

You don’t have enough traffic to earn well at CPC or adsense.

I would suggest joining an Affiliate Program and shove the ads down you visitors throats.

If it is Downloaded products you want to promote, try http://www.clickbank.com, 20 - 75% commission is good and have a good rep online.

Physical products, 10 - 30% commission is good.

http://www.instantdegrees.com have a 30% commission affiliate program and have been consistent payers for at least 5 years to my knowledge.


Casale: 10,000 unique visitors a month

Burst: 5,000 page views per month

ValueClick: 100 page visits a day

With a tactic like that you’ll never be able to grow a site because people will get turned off and leave without clicking a single CPA ad.

I agree with the other stuff thats been said. I think you can certainly earn higher CPM rates on those networks mentioned… I have experienced it… but with such low volume you probably won’t get accepted in the top tier networks that pay the most. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is direct ads. If you have a niche, you may be able to sell ads to companies that server the niche for a flat monthly fee. I think that’s where I’d start. But you’ll need to gather some info about your visitors, how they got there, etc.

i run a site which only receives 100 uniques a day, about 200 impressions per day. I had an ad running …paid $5 CPM …I dont know how but that was the only time, now i run a CPM ad that pays $.40

You could try selling ads on site with adengage and others. I think you would make more money than cpm if you sold one ad.

You could trust Burst like Siral stated.

That’s depressing. …But good info just the same. More of a reason to stick with networks that have been around for a few years, or at least, don’t commit a bunch of sites to a newer network.

you can try the company in my sig it’s really good and pays for 1$ for every 1000 imperession they pay for raw imperessions not only for uniques

i think you can make some bucks out of it

hope it helps


CPM is not good for the low traffic company!

but he can earn more bucks with CPM programs