What the google adsense strategy?

Hello every body

anyone knows about google adsense strategy? how to improve click rate nowadays google adsense give very very poor click rate like 0.01 cent to 0.00 per click…!
most of us tell us that we earn 1 $ to 5 $ per click… but how ? what they adoped strategy?
my web site has 800 visit per day but $$$$$ are not there…!


If you are in a profitable niche but still getting low $ clicks, then you may want to turn the ‘Interest-Based Ads’ off.

It completely depends on Keywords. You may use the Low paying keywords.

The best strategy is to Google for “how to optimize your AdSense ads”.

True - another thing to consider is the styling of them. If you can choose colours that harmonise with your page style, while nevertheless being visually distinct, that will often make people more likely to click on them.

Quite frankly, I’m amazed that anybody clicks on the adverts, but they do, and I’m not going to complain about that :lol:

What’s the topic of your website? What sort of click volume do you get?

even of you have plenty of visitors but no one clicks on it, then its still not gonna work… and it still depends on the ads the where the clicks come from… you might also want to consider the placement on your ads…

It all depends on your topic, and the quality of your traffic.

FWIW, I’m getting average £1.42 eCPM, or about 26p per click, without using any particular strategy. If you have put any restrictions on which adverts can be shown on your site, this will usually reduce your income.

choose another topic or cater for another audience. For instance target english speaking audience, and for the traffic, use mass related topics, not technical ones.

The cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads must be very low. There are number of things that you can do to increase the CPCs of your ads.

Most adsense themes have high value keywords related to them. What you need to do is research some high value keywords and put them into the content material of your website. High value keywords attract high paying adsense ads, meaning increased CPCs.

Another thing that you can do is make sure that your content is geared for adsense. The more related to the ads it is the better your overall CTRs will be.

Other measures you can take includes experimenting with ad placement.

If you implement some of these strategies your CPCs and CTRs will undoubtedly increase, unless of course you’ve chosen one of those rare themes that have no hope of making much money at all with adsense.

Everybody gets low clicks, but just make sure you are targeting a high paying keyword or you will always get low clicks instead of just sometimes.