Adwords CTR

I am using Adwords and my CTR is 50%. I’m just wondering if it’s still in the standard value? If not, what should be the normal value?

We are graphic designers and web designers in Peterborough who manage many Google AdWords campaigns for our clients. CTR (Click Though Rate) is basically the number of times your campaign has been clicked on for a certain keyword in relation to the number of times it has been triggered (number of impressions) for that keyword. With this in mind, the higher the CTR, the better, as this demonstrates that your campaign is generating more interest and is targeted correctly. Generally speaking, it should be ensured that each keyword achieves a CTR of 1% or more, so a CTR of 50% is very good indeed.

In general, the higher you’re CTR, the less you will pay for clicks achieved though that keyword and the higher your campaign will appear in the search results.

50% is not a standard value!

50% is a very high CTR.

This can be normal for high related keywords to your site, however as an average for your entire campaign, 50% would be abnormally high! :slight_smile: