$20 CPM rate, is it worth to advertise on a site?

Hello my friends,
I will shortly start to promote my site
and I was/am looking for the best option
for me, based on the audience and my
budget for this campaign I’m about to start.
So, I was looking to advertise on a website
and saw this package:
Type Banner Ad
Size 728x90
Avg Impressions 3,450,000/month
Rate $20.00 CPM
Its a popular website, related to tech news,
downloads, IT, Professional Tech Reviews etc.
What do you people think? Is it worth to advertise?
I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the
probability of clicks/visits that will hit my website.
Im wondering…maybe 80-100 people(for 1K impressions)
could click…
Thank you for your answers!

you would be lucky to get 20 visitors per 1000 impression

lol thank you, I had to idea :slight_smile:

I had *no idea

you can promote your website on some other , i know 1 who is as cheap as 5$ for 7 days of banner advertising, or 5$ for 1000 visit from real users.
but 20$ seems very expensive for me.

$5 for 1000 unique visitors? to me it looks to good to be true :slight_smile:
I was about to advertise on a site like cnet,tech republic, ZDnet and other sites of this network. I’m not interested in getting 1000 hits from a boot!
Thanks for your reply anyways.

it’s not bots.
it’s real members, they get paid to clic on your ads, and that’s it.

$20 CPM is quite high. I usually give advertisers about $2-$3 CPM rate and get about 400,000 visitors a month on my site. I think the publisher should also take care about the value being given to the advertiser as a long term strategy.

It totally depends on the reputation of that website. If you think you’re a good brand fit and want to be associated with their brand then great go ahead. I’d say it’s generally too expensive for a small website to make it worth their while, however it might be worthwhile for a company with a larger marketing budget (albeit I don’t know what yours is).

It’s also likely that you couldn’t buy just a 1,000 impressions on its own, and would have to make a large-ish purchase and still get not that many visitors.

Also $5 for 1,000 disinterested people is probably pretty pointless too.

My verdict would be partnering up with other smaller blogs/sites in your niche to create a network or alternatively find a google adwords free voucher somewhere and give PPC a go. Also seeding some of your content socially to expose some of it to lead people into subscribing. However, I don’t know the scale of your website.

Thanks for your replies guys, I really appreciate your efforts :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Here’s my best advice.

First, paying $20 CPM is ridiculous. If you pitch me I can give you rates 1/20th that or lower.

But, you’re looking to spend some money for the sole purpose of good clickthru, which is also good.

Head on over to BlogAds.Com and go through their sites offered. You can find CPM rates there around $.15 (yes, 15 cents) on amazing sites and news sources and the clickthru is actually better than any banner ad you could have run.

Wash. Repeat. Thank me later.


a $20 dollar CPM is not even logical. if a website told me that i would here on in deem their reputation at a level of garbage no one charges that, at all! not even big networks get that kind of CPM and they usually deliver way better results because you can set a frequency, and Geotarget, and ur still under 0.50 cents on a RON campaign. Send me a PM and ill get you network placement in the verticle you are working, and Geotargeted and you will still be paying less than 1/4th that and you will have a 400% higher chance of conversion.

i don’t know , try some ppc like , i paid 3$ ( to start ) for 60 hit and unilimited impression,
i earned 157,874 hitz with that, plus , you don’t need credit card to pay.

actually , rastabux.com has a promo 10000 hits for 15$ , it’s less than every ptc running at the moment.

i think $20 is so small to start a good campaign. you would start at least $200 to do it convert u money with adword

Cpm is always the most expensive way to advertise

@ Vannarith - My budget wasnt that low, the CPM rates of the company I was thinking to advertise in was $20 :slight_smile:

@Mountain_View - What type of advertising method you suggest me to start in the future?

Thanks for your replies,

if your site has the same niche like that you may advertise there and you will get more benefits from your campaign.

That wouldn’t work out well for you at all. Imagine a CTR of 1% (which is a HIGH ctr)… 1000 impressions. 10 people. 10 people for $20, that’s $2 / guy.

How well does it convert? Again a low %. You’ll end up paying so much for a customer it’s not even worth it. If you can show me the example by PM I can guide you better.


Well this is a very hard one to answer as it all relates to the niche of the site. I know plenty of sites that get this and higher but usually their advertisers are big dollar national sites that can afford to pay for brand awareness.

Saying that you are more than likely better off doing CPC or buying direct.