Change Texture With A Clipping Mask In Photoshop

    Jennifer Farley

    Following on from yesterday, where we looked at how to use the Quick Mask to make a better selection, I’m going to use my selection to make a clipping mask and apply a completely new textured dress for our model.

    I’m using the same image as yesterday, and starting from the point where we had made a precise selection of the dress.


    1. After you’ve made a precise selection of the dress, choose Layer > New > Layer Via Copy (or press Ctrl+ J /Cmd + J). Your layers should look like what you see below.


    2. I picked up a few textures from Image After (a great website for free images of textures) and I copied and pasted this one – into my Photoshop file, so that the red garage door covered all of the dress.


    3. Move the contents of the garage door layer so that it completely covers the dress.


    5. We now want to clip the garage door layer using the dress layer. To create a clipping mask, make sure the red garage door layer is selected, press Ctrl + Alt + G (windows) or Cmd + Option + G (Mac). The dress is now neatly clipped.


    6. Now, to make it a little look a little more authentic, we need to have a play around with some of the blending modes on the top of the Layers palette. With the red garage door layer still selected, click on the drop down box to see the blending modes available. (By default the blending mode is set to “Normal”)


    I liked how the linear burn looked best for this example, but it’s a good idea to run through all the blending modes as they can give very different results depending on the images used. You can now see the creases and shadows in the dress fabric.


    That completes the image. I can see places where I’ve gone off the edge of the dress, so I can go back to my dress layer and erase those areas. The clipped layer above will instantly change.

    I hope you found this useful. It is a good technique for applying different textures to an image or text and is used frequently in graphic design and illustration.

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