Attempt at Animating Colour Transitions using jQuery

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I have mentioned the .setInterval() function before. I used this function while creating a script which would (in theory) animates colour transition using jQuery. For example, go from white to light red to red to dark red such as a opacity transition would.

Initial Attempt at Animating Colour Transition

Here is my attempt. Note that the initial results were not very good so I didn’t waste anymore time coding it but posted here mainly for my reference.

$('#input-page-url').css('border-color','rgb(255, 255, 255)');

var r = 0, g = 0, b = 0;
var interval = 25;
var borderWidth = 0;

var animateLoop  = setInterval(function() {

/* exit loop if out of colour range */
if ((r+interval) > 255) { r = 255; clearInterval(animateLoop); }
else { i++; r += interval; borderWidth += 0.2; }

         'border-color': 'rgb('+r+','+g+','+b+')',
         'border-width': borderWidth


}, 100);

It’s a kind of .setinterval() loop example that uses the jQuery function .clearInterval() (clear setinterval) to reset the colour when it reaches 255 RGB. It then uses .CSS() to change the RGB colour of the element border.

This is also a cool plugin which does something similar: Highlight Fade which created a highlight background color fade for events.

Common error: ReferenceError: rgb is not defined

This occurs because you need to enclose the rgb in quotes (remember rgb is valid css! no need to convert to hex).

$('#input-page-url').css('border-color','rgb(redShade, 0, 0)');
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