An Automated Lead Generation Tool

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This week I tested a lead generation tool that has produced excellent results for me. It is based on Webex’s Presentation Studio technology. A link to see it is below. (You need IE 6.0 or NS 7.1 or later to view this; sorry but Mozilla etc. won’t work — which is fine for my target market; click “okay” if it checks your viewing settings, and give the buffer time to load).

The link:

There are three reasons to view this:

1. The content is targeted to IT Professionals, and is called 7 Fatal Mistakes that IT Professionals Make with Their Marketing — and How to Avoid Them. Reviews have been favorable.

2. The tool is great. A link to it is now on my web site, and anyone can access it instantly. At the end, there is a survey/special offer that tells me whether they want more information or not. This is going to be a powerful lead generator for me, and could be for you, too.

3. The presentation format is a great example you can use in your own business (with different content, of course) to send to clients and prospects. For instance, you can take them through your portfolio, while describing what you did that makes the site unique. Or, you could take them through a variety of web sites and critique aspects of each, and then conclude with an offer of a free assessment of the viewer’s web site. The sky is the limit.

Warning/Disclosure: This presentation will have advertising for my book/services on it near the end. If that is a problem for you, don’t click the link. I’m sharing this with you for educational purposes, and if you are philosophically opposed to seeing marketing messages from this blogger, don’t view this. And please don’t post nasty responses about free advertising, as you have been warned.

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