By Andrew Neitlich

An Automated Lead Generation Tool

By Andrew Neitlich

This week I tested a lead generation tool that has produced excellent results for me. It is based on Webex’s Presentation Studio technology. A link to see it is below. (You need IE 6.0 or NS 7.1 or later to view this; sorry but Mozilla etc. won’t work — which is fine for my target market; click “okay” if it checks your viewing settings, and give the buffer time to load).

The link:



There are three reasons to view this:

1. The content is targeted to IT Professionals, and is called 7 Fatal Mistakes that IT Professionals Make with Their Marketing — and How to Avoid Them. Reviews have been favorable.

2. The tool is great. A link to it is now on my web site, and anyone can access it instantly. At the end, there is a survey/special offer that tells me whether they want more information or not. This is going to be a powerful lead generator for me, and could be for you, too.

3. The presentation format is a great example you can use in your own business (with different content, of course) to send to clients and prospects. For instance, you can take them through your portfolio, while describing what you did that makes the site unique. Or, you could take them through a variety of web sites and critique aspects of each, and then conclude with an offer of a free assessment of the viewer’s web site. The sky is the limit.

Warning/Disclosure: This presentation will have advertising for my book/services on it near the end. If that is a problem for you, don’t click the link. I’m sharing this with you for educational purposes, and if you are philosophically opposed to seeing marketing messages from this blogger, don’t view this. And please don’t post nasty responses about free advertising, as you have been warned.

  • Andrew,

    That is a very cool tool, indeed! Thanks for the tip! Is it free? How difficult is it to create a presentation for it? How long did it take you to put that one together?

    Regarding the presentation itself, I think you did a good job with it. You used many of the tips that you have taught here in it. Great work! Let us know how it works for you in terms of sales effectiveness.

    I don’t think you should feel apologetic for advertising or marketing your products or services in this blog. This is what you do. You teach marketing, advertising, and sales through your products. What better way to teach someone than to sell them your own products? It’s teaching by example!

  • Sergeant

    Nice to hear someone’s voice when you see the face so often :)

    The software is quite ok, Only I think it can be created more compatible with flash.

    The message is quite ok, it’s an easy ‘article’ on the subject brought different. This will be the standard more and more in the future also for educational purposes.

    I’m not really an IT professional so I’m not able to go into further depth discussing the content.

  • Darren

    I find it ironic that given this is a tool targetted towards IT professionals, you don’t mind shutting out users with Mozilla based browsers, an audience which probably has the highest percentage usage of Mozilla/Firefox/Safari etc.

    That said, I did fire up IE to check out the presentation and requested the follow up. I think you could achieve similar results with something that doesn’t alienate your audience, like Macromedia Breeze.

  • That looks quite similar to Macromedia’s Breeze – http://www.macromedia.com/software/breeze/

    Here’s an example of Breeze in action: http://www.macromedia.com/software/breeze/solutions/sales/presentation/

    I agree, its a great tool for educating prospects. It gives the whole “boardroom” feel (large meeting, one person standing up talking while slideshow being presented) in the comfort of one’s own home. This is definately one way to stand out from your competition.

  • I also thik it’s a great idea. Also like the tips you gave here on what one could do with it. Concerning Macromedia Breeze (funnily enough, at this very minute I’m translating a large report on this product by the Patricia Seybold Group into German…), it’s mostly aimed at corporations, and I think it’s quite expensive. :(

  • aneitlich


    I checked my web site logs and found that 90% of the people who come to my site use IE or Netscape. The remaining 10% are Mozilla and something called Konqueror.

    100% of any sales I’ve made come from IE and NS, 0% from Mozilla (even before adding this particular educational program, which is but a small part of my web site anyway).

    So from that data, I’m not concerned. Also, this tool comes to me free, because of the way I’ve structured some client deals. And, I’ve only recently tested it to see if this approach in general — regardless of specific brand — works for me (and it does).

    But your advice is sound. Going forward, I would like to use a tool that anyone can utilize, and not “alienate” any IT professional — even if Mozilla users appear to be non-buyers up until now. Of course, it would great to figure out why Mozilla users are not buying my stuff — no budget?

  • Re: “I find it ironic that given this is a tool targetted towards IT professionals, you don’t mind shutting out users with Mozilla based browsers, an audience which probably has the highest percentage usage of Mozilla/Firefox/Safari etc.”

    Andrew may be targeting IT professionals through the use of this tool, but that doesn’t mean that you and I will be doing the same. I know that nearly 100% of my company’s leads – primarily marketing directors or executives – use IE. Unless you’re selling to IT professionals specifically or Microsoft competitors, I don’t think this tool will present any problems.

  • Chuck Lawson

    Looks interesting.

    Unfortunately, on a PowerBook running Firefox, it decided that I didn’t have Windows Media Player installed (I do), and that I did have Real Player installed (I don’t).

    It then proceeded to throw a Javascript error, followed by a SQL error, and died.

    Oh well…

  • aneitlich


    Sorry for inconvenience. You can still download the PPT off the “Free Advice” section of my website (www.itprosuccess.com).


  • Andrew, just a shot in the dark as I find it quite interesting that Mozilla based customers don’t buy your products – have you tested your sales backend using Mozilla? It is quite possible that your system is incompatable due to an error somewhere along the line.

    Also, I know many people that use Firefox for surfing, and IE to buy products. Why? Because so many major companies are incompetent (yes, incompetent) at web development. They use unneeded complex javascript and don’t take the time to write it well, leading it to only work on IE/Win. I’ve had a few online applications just “stop” after I gave them my credit card using firefox. And beleive me, it’s one of the most discomforting things in the world to get a blank screen after you click “Approve Order.”

    So, there may be other reasons for Mozilla users not buying your products. Although, I have no problems with your example here, it’s fine to require a proprietary technology for highly specific applications (an online presentation, for example). While it would be nice to use something like Breeze, I don’t feel it’s a neccecity.

  • newdaynewdawn

    I like to put it this way, “I/you’re just one contact away from a million dollars.”

    Hopefully in this IE/Microsoft centric world he/she won’t be using Mozilla and miss the presentation therby passing on making contact with us.

    While it’s not bad for the foundation of the house to be built on the windows OS it’s always nice to attempt to look outside the house through a window with another view.

  • MS

    Looks like a great tool. Our site, LeadLander, provides our customers with lead generation software of a different nature. We could use something like this in conjunction to build a powerfull resource!

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