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AdSense Integration with Analytics Coming Soon

By Josh Catone



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Eagle-eyed blogger Amit Agarwal dug up some screenshots of what is apparently an unreleased, upcoming feature for Google Analytics. The screenshots indicate that Google will be adding AdSense account tracking into Analytics.

The screenshots were inadvertently published on the blog, says Agarwal, and saved by a number of readers. They paint a fairly complete picture of the AdSense integration. Users will be able to get detailed reports about how their visitors interact with ads on their pages, including CTR, CPM, impressions, etc. broken down to the page-by-page level.

Much of that you could do already with clever use of AdSense channels, but these reports will make it much easier to sort. Plus they include some things that you previously couldn’t easily accomplish, such as trending, and — the coolest report, in opinion — revenue by referrer, which shows how much you make off visitors from different referral sources to your site.

As Agarwal points out, the new reports will make divvying up AdSense revenue between multiple contributors on a site much easier and more exact. Agarwal has more full-size screenshots on his site.

Before joining Jilt, Josh Catone was the Executive Director of Editorial Projects at Mashable, the Lead Writer at ReadWriteWeb, Lead Blogger at SitePoint, and the Community Evangelist at DandyID. On the side, Josh enjoys managing his blog The Fluffington Post.

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