A Lap Around ChakraCore


    This article is part of a web development series from Microsoft tech evangelists and engineers on practical JavaScript learning, open source projects, and interoperability best practices including Microsoft Edge browser. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible.

    Earlier this year, we open-sourced ChakraCore, the heart of the JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge and the Windows 10 Universal App Platform. Today we’ll walk you through what’s new and what’s next in ChakraCore, including some upcoming work like Modules, WebAssembly and ES2017 and beyond. We’ll also walk you through embedding ChakraCore, our interoperable debugging APIs, and the exciting work happening with NodeChakra.

    This video is from Microsoft Edge Web Summit, a free conference organized and staffed by the engineers building Microsoft Edge and Chakra. You can find a full day of technical talks covering the EdgeHTML rendering engine, the open-source Chakra JavaScript engine, and developer tools. You can hear what’s next for the web platform that powers Windows 10, straight from the engineers who build it, and you can get an inside look at powerful techniques and new tools to make your life as a developer just a little bit easier.

    We encourage you to test across browsers and devices, including Microsoft Edge–the default browser for Windows 10 – with free tools; including F12 developer tools — seven distinct, fully-documented tools to help you debug, test, and speed up your webpages. Also, visit the Edge blog to stay updated and informed from Microsoft developers and experts.