20 Snippets to Make WordPress User-Friendly for your Clients (part 2)

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As we’ve promised, here’s more of those awesome WordPress snippets to make your website more user friendly for your clients. Trust me when I say PHP can be fun too! Enjoy!

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1. Add, Remove & Reorder Dashboard Widgets by Role

This code will get rid of the ‘Incoming Links’ widget for authors and editors and then clean up some of the other boxes for everyone.

2. Remove Author Metabox/Options & Move to Publish MetaBox

This code will remove the Author MetaBox and Screen Options and then add those option into the publish metabox.

3. Add or Remove Links to the New WP Admin Bar

The new Admin Bar gives you quick access to all of the main areas of your site, like creating a new post or page, moderating comments or modifying widgets. The snippets below will allow you to add or remove any links.

4. Show an Urgent Message in the WP Admin

This snippet will allow you to shows a custom message to any logged in user. Particularly useful if you need to inform a client/user that they have done something wrong.

5. Hide the WordPress Upgrade Message

For those clients, using this snippet, you can hide the WordPress Upgrade Message.

6. Simpler Login URL

The default URL for logging into your WordPress powered site is: http://yoursite.com/wp-login.php. To make things easier, or at least more memorable, for a client you will need a cleaner URL like: http://yoursite.com/login

7. Change the Dashboard Footer Text

This little snippet will help you building a site for your client, it can be useful to be able to customize the dashboard footer text.

There’s nothing wrong with the WordPress logo, but few clients will care what CMS they’re using. Why not use their logo or branding? In this tutorial you will learn how to make it all happen.

The next step in customizing WPs backend is to replace the Dashboards logo. You will need to create a transparent (.gif or .png) image of 30x31px. Then, save that image in your theme’s image folder (/wp-content/themes/theme-name/images) and name it whatever you like.

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