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10 Best jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Sam Deering

More and more Developers and Designers and have been using WordPress these days. Combining WordPress CMS with the power of jQuery will give us infinite possibilities in terms of designing & producing feature rich webpages. Today we are giving you our collection of what we think 10 best WordPress plugins that use jQuery. Enjoy!

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1. Flipping Book

Is a fully integrated image gallery plugin for WordPress with page flipping effect. Allows you to create flash books with page flip effect directly from the administrator panel via a specifically designed interface.

Flipping Book

Source + Demo

2. jQuery-Pagebar

This plugin show instead of the next and prev links a jQuery slider as a modern pagebar. So it’s easy to navigate through many pages.


Source + Demo

3. Advanced Spoiler

Show or hide contents (text, image etc.) with animated effects wrapped by spoiler markup tag.

Advanced Spoiler

Source + Demo

4. OpenID Comment Form

Allows WordPress to provide and consumer OpenIDs for authentication of users and comments.

OpenID Comment Form

Source + Demo

5. Smilies Themer Toolbar

Adds a toolbar to easily add to comments your smilies managed by Smilies Themer plugin.

Smilies Themer Toolbar

Source + Demo

6. PixoPoint Menu Plugin

Adds a new menu to your WordPress powered site and allows you to control its content via an easy user to interface.

PixoPoint Menu Plugin

Source + Demo

7. Highlight Search Terms

A neat way to spice up your WordPress search page is to highlight search terms within your search results.

Highlight Search Terms

Source + Demo

8. Insights

Brings a powerful new way to write your blog posts. It increases productivity and at the same time the appeal of your posts.


Source + Demo

9. Theme Switcher using jQuery

This post will take you step by step through how we did it. In the first part of this tutorial, we’ll cover the client side of Theme Switcher, which consists of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In a later post, we’ll cover how to integrate the switcher into WordPress and manage the themes.

Theme Switcher using jQuery

Source + Demo

10. Google Analyticator

Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics. Include widgets for Analytics data display.

Google Analyticator

Source + Demo