6 Awesome Game Development Tutorials with jQuery

Who says learning isn’t fun?! It’s pretty amazing at how fast people can learn certain technologies. That’s why today, we are sharing you some awesome “jQuery-based” Game Development Tutorials. I’m sure you will have fun as always!

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1. Sumon Math Game with JQuery

Learn how to make a simple sumon math game based on JQuery, this game inspired by hyperandroid, this game it quite nice to practice your self-concentration about math addition.

Sumon Math Game


2. JQuery Typing Game

This game inspired by an old shark typing game, which is created by pop cap game, but it seems not available anymore.

JQuery Typing Game


3. gameQuery a game engine for jQuery

If you know how to use jQuery you almost know how to use gameQuery! gameQuery is an easy to use jQuery plug-in to help make JavaScript game development easier by adding some simple game-related classes.


Source + Demo

4. Typing Game with jQuery

This is a simple typing game experimental using jQuery. The main criteria here are to understand how to read Keyboard Character Codes and displaying its equivalent Character on to screen.

Typing Game with jQuery


5. jPong – 3d pong created with jQuery

This game is based on the popular Flash version called Curveball. Now let’s see if you can beat your browser at this neat little jQuery game! What highscore can you get?



6. Make a snake game using HTML5 canvas and jQuery

Learn to make a simple snake game using HTML5 canvas and Jquery.

snake game

Source + Demo

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