5 jQuery User Interfaces

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Designing user interface is such a hard task; you might already faced situations wherein you realize that your design skills are getting old. If this bothers you, jQuery User Interface is the answer. With the help of jQuery enhancements, designing each and every part of a webpage’s user interface is not a big deal anymore. There are lots of jQuery User Interface that are available for download from different websites; you’ll just need to choose what would fit your website.

I have here a few list of jQuery User Interface that might help you.

1. jQuery Imageless Button

This plugin is a nice mock up of Google’s imageless button.

Source: http://swizec.com/code/styledButton/

2. Animated Sharing Bar

Create your very own animated sharing button for social networking sites.

Source: http://tutorialzine.com/2009/12/animated-share-buttons-jquery-css/

3. Image Gallery with Easy Switching

This is a very nice image gallery with contents beside it for quick view.

Source: http://designm.ag/tutorials/jquery-display-switch/

4. Buttons with Sliding doors effects

Create buttons of any size using the same Sprite image.

Source: http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_styling_the_button_element_with_css_sliding_doors_now_with_image_spr/

5. jQuery Fly-To-Basket Effect

This is useful for ecommerce type of websites, when a user clicks “add cart” the item then flies towards the “basket” of your ecommerce website.

Source: http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/fly-to-basket-effect-with-jquery/

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