JavaScript - - By Sam Deering

5 Great jQuery Accordions

Now we are on into jQuery accordions, the first questions comes into your mind is probably “What is jQuery Accordion?” Basically a jQuery Accordian is a type of a jQuery menu wherein multiple items can be included, but can only display one menu’s content at a time. For instance we have an accordion menu, if item 1 was clicked it’ll show its content then if item 2 was clicked it’ll hide item 1’s content then show its own content. Here is a selection of great jQuery accordion plugins:

1. Dynamic Drive Accordion

This plugin will group contents together and reveal them when the user clicks on their headers.


2. Design Reviver Horizontal Accordion

This jQuery script is a horizontal type of accordion that allows you to have thumbnail image that will serve as a header for content.


3. jQuery UI Accordion

This plugin is a neatly design accordion menu.


4. Simple jQuery Accordion Menu

This is a flexible jQuery accordion menu plugin and suites to various needs of people on building a website. It also allows multiple instances of the menu on the same web page.


5. Basic jQuery Accordion

A very basic jQuery accordion menu that offers mouse over and click event to operate.