3 Useful Online JavaScript/jQuery Code Tools

Sam Deering

Thought I would share some pretty useful online js code tools that could come in handy for some of you to manipulate your JavaScript or jQuery code.

Online jQuery Code Minifier

Useful for minifying your js code online, also there is an option to include the latest version of jQuery.min which is pretty useful for speed.
Why use? Minified code = Smaller filesize = faster website loading times.

Online jQuery Code Prettier

Useful for converting minified code back into it’s normal “pretty” form (ie making it readable again). It also works for obfuscated/packed code which is useful.
Why use? Pretty code = easier to read = faster developments.

Online jQuery Code Obfuscator

Useful for protecting your code against quick sight of code, by making it unreadable. Obviously the keen copycat can use a tool to deobfuscate/unpack the code but the more deterrents the better.
Why use? Obfuscated code = unreadable = harder for someone to copy code