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By Tara Hornor

25 Beautiful Examples of Captivating Website Headers

By Tara Hornor

Looking for some inspiring website headers? Look no further! From “green” designs to techie grunge, this collection runs the gamut of over-the-top, over-sized website headers. Some of these designs incorporate navigational elements within the header, some place the header at the top of the page, and others use the header to take up most of the viewable screen.

When viewing the examples below, note the trend towards illustrations, too. Even when photographs are used, they are highly stylized with illustrative elements. No question about it — these are eye-catching.

Hence, they are all great pieces for gathering ideas for your own amazing website header designs because, after all, the header is what visitors see first. If your header is not visually appealing, visitors may begin the navigation of your site with a negative feeling. So, take a look at the roundup below and allow them to feed your creativity.


Which are your favorites?



iVista Illustrations





Dark Dayz


The Georgian Wine Society

Flash Header by =INvasive

Juan Diego Velasco

Website Headers by Isabel Seiffert



Urban Cool

Drop Bags

Living Designs

Colby James West




Slim Kiwi

A Better Play by Michelin Tires

  • Kennedy_harriet

    In one form, meta elements can specify HTTP headers which should be sent 
    before the actual content when the HTML page is served from Web server to 

  • Raymond

    Nice! You can check my website header too!

  • Jamie
  • Reality check.

    Personally I don’t find any of these inspiring or creative. The illustrations have very limited scope from a marketing standpoint and #9 is years old. Really nothing I would try to emulate.

  • Examples for kids from elementary school…

  • taj

    Yodaa is misspelled in the header, and the link is wrong.

  • Some of them are interesting other rather boring. I prefer to continue with mine. It is very clean and fits the purpose.

  • Anno

    I read lot of jalousy overhere!

  • I really like the illustrations used by the children’s charity Barnardo’s for their Big Toddle event:

  • Anastasia

    Very much mediocre designs.

    Most of them are just very poorly done from the technichal point of view…

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