20+ Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers (No. 8)

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In recent months, I’ve collected a number of different learning resources, including guides, docs, and other useful websites to help in learning different front-end technologies. I’ve rounded up some of the best ones in this post.

So please enjoy the eighth installment of our Docs and Guides series and don’t forget to let me know of any others that I haven’t yet included.

1. Keyboard Event Viewer

A configurable, interactive tool that allows you to view data on keyboard events, showing legacy info as well as event information as outlined in the UI Events Specification.

Keyboard Event Viewer

2. jQuery Quick API Reference

A one-page cheat sheet of jQuery features, covering versions of jQuery up to 1.10/2.0. Just click a feature and it will open the page from jQuery’s docs in a modal window.

jQuery Quick API Reference

3. BugRex

Ok, this is not so much a “doc” but more of an interactive help guide where you can chat with an expert. As the site explains: “The BugRex chat is operated by a community of developers who truly enjoy helping others. Use it to understand new concepts, ask questions or fix annoying bugs.”


4. Global CSS Property Usage

If you enjoyed SitePoint’s recent CSS Survey then you might also appreciate this data, compiled by the Microsoft Edge team. They scan over one million web pages quarterly to compile usage stats on CSS properties. And it’s searchable too!

Global CSS Property Usage

5. Performance Tooling Today

A collection of resources to help you improve your workflow and to deliver better and faster websites. Resource categories include tools, articles, videos, slide decks, books, courses, and performance audits.

Performance Tooling Today

6. Opera Mini Tips

“A collection of front-end development features not supported by Opera Mini and some crowdsourced workarounds for them.”

Opera Mini Tips

7. Touch Keyboard Type Cheat Sheet

Baymard Institute, an organization that does e-commerce usability research, has put together a guide to encourage developers to optimize form fields for touch keyboards. For example, how to set the appropriate type and when to use attributes like autocorrect, autocapitalize, etc. The page’s forms are testable on a touch device.

Touch Keyboard Type Cheat Sheet

8. HTML5 Cheat Sheet

An attractive and simple cheat sheet for HTML5 tags and their meanings, available as a PDF or PNG.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

9. Diff of HTMLs

“Unofficial diff viewer for WHATWG HTML Standard and W3C HTML 5.1. The Diff of HTMLs provides side-by-side diff view of each section between the specifications.”

Diff of HTMLs

10. CSS Support Guide for Email Clients

“A complete breakdown of the CSS support for the top 10 most popular mobile, web and desktop email clients on the planet.”

CSS Support Guide for Email Clients

11. Babel User Handbook

A comprehensive guide written by James Kyle that covers Babel, the popular JavaScript compiler, covering everything you’ll need to know about using Babel and related tools.

Babel User Handbook

12. The A11Y Project

Not a new project, but the site has been recently redesigned. It’s a “community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.” Includes accessibility-related how-tos, myths, tests, tips, information on assistive technology, and more.

The A11Y Project

13. Flexbox playground

An interactive flexbox CodePen demo that lets you easily test the different properties and values.

Flexbox playground

14. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2)

The proposed standard specification for HTTP/2.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2)

15. JS Tips

A project by Joel Lovera that provides an archive of JavaScript tips. The project was originally supposed to provide a new tip each day, but it doesn’t look like that’s been maintained. Still a good resource for quick tips though.

JS Tips

16. LMHT

A searchable HTML tags reference specifically designed to help Spanish speakers understand HTML terminology, including audio recordings to hear the definitions in English and Spanish. It looks like the reference is still low on content, but you can contribute if able.


17. ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

Nicolás Bevacqua, who has written a number of ES6 (i.e. ES2015) posts on his blog, has created this summary of all his previous articles, which works as a quick reference for ES6 features.

ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

18. Say Yes to HTTPS

A simple and practical guide to help web developers get up to speed with HTTPS — what it is, how it works, and how to set it up.

Say Yes to HTTPS

19. Bigcommerce’s Sass Coding Guidelines

Bigcommerce’s Sass style guide, influenced by SUIT CSS and Medium’s CSS.

Bigcommerce's Sass Coding Guidelines

20. WPO Stats

“Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization (WPO) on user experience and business metrics.”

WPO Stats

Honorable Mentions

Suggest Yours

If you’ve built or know of another learning resource for front-end developers, drop it in the comments and I’ll consider it for a future post.

In the meantime, here are the previous posts in this series:

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