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20 Beautiful Water Textures and Patterns

Tara Hornor

Adding an interesting texture to the background of websites, posters, postcards, banners, and even to the text itself is a great way to make a design stand out. However, you will want to make sure to choose a pattern that relates to your project topic.

The following are some of the best water textures and patterns available on the web perfect for those projects on the wet side. Take your design to the next level by overlaying a water texture on your image, or create a beautiful beach scene with a photographic sea. Whatever your need, below you will find water backgrounds in different shades but all a high resolution for a design that is top-notch.

Water Texture by Jshei

Water by CZE.cz

Water Texture by SimplyBackgrounds

Water Texture 10 by GreenEyezz-stock

Water texture by L K Kelley

Water Ripples Texture stock 1 by Fel182

Water by Pachd

Water texture by ScenicReflections

Water drops texture by ftextures

Water texture by Jiri Vaclavek

Water texture by Justyna Pszczolka

Water drops by IntactZoom

Water texture by Javarman

Water texture by Damir-Olejar

Swimming pool water texture by leungchopan

Drinking water texture by Kristina Afanasyeva

Water drops by FreeStockImages

Water/Ice by XOZ

Water texture I by EvilHateYouAllStock

Natural water drop texture by dink101