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By Gabrielle Gosha

20 Beautiful Flat Web and Mobile Designs

By Gabrielle Gosha

Every year in the design community, new trends come out of the woodwork — some simply being reworks of old ideas while others are completely new. Among the design trends like infinite scrolling, minimally-designed landing pages, and large photographic backgrounds, there is the design trend of flat design that is currently making the rounds.

What is flat design? Flat design is a truly flat element with no illusions of depth. That means that there is little or no visible distinction between the flat element and the surface that it is placed upon via drop shadows, beveling, or other common visual design techniques. Design elements that have been given the almost flat design treatment typically boast subtle treatments that delicately distinguish it from the background. Today’s showcase features 20 websites and mobile apps using flat design and almost flat design that will hopefully get you inspired to try the trend in your own designs.

Built by Buffalo


built by buffalo_tn

Google Keep

google keep

Oak Studios




Etch Apps



timeless timer





Lorenzo Verzini






Design Zoom

design zoom_tn







Simone Marcarino








  • Chris Wilkerson

    No love for Microsoft’s Modern Design Language (formerly known as Metro)? Without MS taking the first step with the design for Windows Phone 7, you’d still be looking at high-chrome websites and apps, and skeumorphic “design” would still be flourishing. We’ll see if they get any credit when iOS 7 comes out, looking less Appley and more Microsoftish than ever.

    • Hi Chris, if there isn’t a design featured it wasn’t for any particular reason. I’m aware of Microsoft essentially paving the way for flat design’s popularity and mention it in an another article “Adapting Flat Design” which is featured on another site.For the showcases I try to feature designs that aren’t as well known, that’s all, but Microsoft is a great example for flat design.Thanks for mentioning it though.

  • John

    The “Headspace” design doesn’t belong in this list as the design is clearly not flat. =/

    Most of these are poor examples of flat design. I’ve found much more beautiful uses across the web without even looking.

    Even the Google Keep example, might be one of the worst designs Google has put out…

    • The showcase features both flat and almost flat designs. The Headspace app does indeed feature flat design elements which can be seen better if one actually visits the app site. I’ve gone and changed the feature image to better reflect that. Luckily there are tons of inspiration on the internet featuring flat designs that people who do not like the examples here can look at.

  • Tim

    Some of these are nice. Others… let’s just say that IMO calling them “beautiful” would be a very big exaggeration….

    • Very true Tim, some of these are a lot nicer than others. It’s all a matter of opinion but I do try to offer different designs since as they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

      • Miguel FLores

        Gabrielle, some answers are worth and others are not worth even in the world of the design and despite the different points of view.

        I like the designs you are showing in this post, and if my opinion were about “I have seen better designs than these”, I will rather take my time to post the links of the designs I have seen and share them here and not just throw shit which seems to be easier.

        Thank you for share your post and go ahead.

        • Thank you very much Miguel for the kind words!
          I know that not everyone will like every design I post nor appreciate the time and effort that we writers take to contribute to those of the design community.
          I don’t let their words deter me because I know there are plenty of people like you who do appreciate such posts so thanks again.

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