19 Unusual Examples of Typographical Artwork

Tara Hornor

Typography is a wonderful part of design and art, turning simple words into stunning compositions. Some of the best typography artists know that choosing the right font and format are just as important as the design itself, whether the font is constructed only for a particular design or the font is Helvetica, whether the design is made of sand or if it is printed on a poster. The following typographical works of art include everything from architecture to digital art to sculptures. Browse through for some inspiration in your own typography and let us know which one is your favorite.

Sand Construction for Manta Beach

Worth a 1000 Words by Doaly

A Man of His Word by Staye-Close

Kasheeda 3D Font by Freedom of Creation

Tadao by Chris LaBroy

John Lennon in Type by Dencii

Love Your Body by Hershydesai

Typography Explosion by Teakster

Tolerance by Jaume Plensa

Typography Women by Rafael Zoccoler

Lost by Chris Noelle

Cim Organic by Neuarmy

Gone by g-1000

World by Julian Beever

Bite by Anna Garforth

Rethink by Anna Garforth

Edible Typography

Enjoy (nail type) by Juan Camilo Rojas