Landing Page Design: 15 Tips for High Conversions

Abhishek Talreja
Abhishek Talreja

A plane landing (on your landing page)

The biggest challenge that most marketers face while running any campaign is a low rate of conversions on landing pages — but there are many ways to improve your landing page design to deal with this problem.

According to Marketing Sherpa only “48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign.” Meanwhile, “companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less.”

Here are some useful tips for creating high conversion landing pages.

Get Insights about Your Audience

You need to understand your target audience and figure out what value they are looking for in your niche. You need to clearly define the consumer need gaps you are trying to fill with your products and services.

Your business is out there to provide solutions to customer problems. A landing page helps you communicate this solution in the most effective manner. The Weebly landing page specifically targets small business owners and startups:

Weebly landing page

Stay Focused

Your company may offer a variety of products and services. Don’t try to sell everything from a single landing page. You need to segment your audience before creating campaigns and landing pages. Target each segment with specific products or services.

Key Features

An important element of your landing page is a description of the ‘key features’ of your products and services. You can create a bulleted list below the sub-head of your page. Features are helpful in getting users to understand the services better. Here is an interesting example:

Crucial landing page

Lead Magnets

There are many ways to add value to your target audience. You can provide them with free-to-download eBooks, white papers and other informative stuff like blog posts or infographics. You can also add interesting videos to your landing pages, to improve the user-experience. Understand what sort of information, content or advice your target audience is looking for and then choose the best option.

Important Information First

You need to introduce all the critical information on your page as quickly as possible. This will help get your page visitors to make a decision quickly. The content before the first fold will either get the visitor to scroll down or close the page.

You need to add targeted messaging with your product’s core value proposition before the first fold. It should highlight some of the key reasons to buy. An attention grabbing headline that communicates value is a must. You can make the design visually appealing to create stickiness. Add a CTA to ensure quick action from the user.

Compelling Headlines

The headline is the first part of a landing page that users view and read. Your landing page headline must connect with the target audiences emotionally. You need to communicate about the problem that they might be facing and how your business provides the right solution. Making your headline copy detailed and adding specific data can make it more convincing for the users. You need to balance this with keeping your headline short and simple. Have a look at this convincing example:

LivePlan landing page

Add Testimonials

You need to provide reasons for your prospects to convert. Adding real testimonials from existing clients can help. Make sure you are highlighting the best ones, and not cluttering the page. You can also showcase some of your key clients to improve your trustworthiness.

Any awards and recognitions can help as well. Here is an example from Autopilot:

Autopilot landing page

And here’s an interesting way to add client logos to the landing page:

Pardot landing page

Use Offers and Promotions

You can add an offer related to your product or service. It could be a discount that is not available on the website or elsewhere. Discount offers act as a trigger for the user to convert. You can improve the chances of a conversion by showcasing the exclusivity of the offer and induce the user to act. Take a look at this example:

GetitPal landing page

Live Chat

Many service businesses use the live chat feature to improve the conversion rate of their landing pages. A live chat feature can help your audience quickly ask questions about your services. They can remove doubts, if any, related to the scope of the service and its pricing. The feature should be used very prudently on the landing page. It should not be very prominent so the page visitors can use it only if they require it.

Call to Action Buttons

Optimizing the design and copy of the call to action buttons is just as important to conversions as the rest of the content on the page. The CTA buttons on your landing page must be prominent and easily visible. You must use color contrast on your CTA buttons to ensure they stand out. The copy on the CTA button must align with the campaign goal. With each campaign, you may have different objectives, such as triggering an eBook download, webinar registration or product signup, etc. The button copy must ask the user to take the relevant action. It must be actionable and should highlight the benefit of the action that would follow.

Shopify landing page

A/B Testing

Testing your landing pages using an A/B testing tool can be helpful in improving the performance of your landing pages within the campaign period. You can do away with landing pages or landing page elements that are not performing well. A/B tests can help you create variations of your landing pages for each campaign. You can then test each of them for the direction of the communication and also elements like CTAs, headline, color, content and any other such element. Make sure you’re not making any of these A/B testing mistakes.

Make It Look Professional

You need to ensure that your landing page looks professional and trustworthy. The page design must be consistent with your brand guidelines and other campaign elements such as banner ads, website design and social media posts. Add your business contact number and email address for the convenience of users. Make sure that the landing page is not cluttered and the information is presented in the proper flow.

Salesforce landing page

Optimize Contact Forms

Adding too many fields to the contact form can annoy visitors. You need to add only those fields that are necessary for the user to convey their message and get a response. You can provide visual cues to the user while they are filling out the contact form. Making the contact form clean and straightforward makes it visually appealing and improves the chances of an action. Make sure that the labels on the form are clearly defined.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your landing page for search engines is crucial to its success. For example, you need to use the H1 tag for your headline text as search engines use this as a strong cue for determining page content.

Don’t forget that if the content of your page is aligned with your keyword and ad copy, it will fetch you a high-quality score in Google Adwords, helping you to lower your campaign costs.

Use Intelligent Visuals

The landing page needs to appeal to your users visually. It should remind them of your brand and at the same time it should have intelligent visuals to catch the user’s attention. Presenting data and information in the form of visuals can be helpful. Avoid using commonly used stock images and go for professional images that are shot or designed specifically for the campaign. Showing people in your pictures helps users build an emotional connection with your brand. Take a look at this example:

Pocket HCM landing page

Add Product Comparisons

Your target audiences need valid reasons to buy from you. You need to showcase the features of your product or service and demonstrate that it is better than the competition. Add validated data to make your comparison more useful. Show the quantifiable benefits that your product will provide to the user.

Privacy Policy

Adding a link to your privacy policy to the landing page is helpful in building trust with your page visitors. A privacy policy reassures the user that their data will be used responsibly and explains how it will be protected from third-party access. Most prospective customers will be reluctant to share their personal details with a business. With a privacy policy, they can be assured that their details are being used in an appropriate manner and with their consent. Here is one way that you can link to it — notice that the privacy policy link is adjacent to the request for personal details:

Freshdesk landing page

Measure and Analyze

You need to analyze the results your landing pages are getting for you. Remember to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your landing page. Set up goals related to form submissions to track the number of leads received. Create a tracking URL for each of your landing pages with the help of UTM parameters and see which landing pages are performing better. Also analyze the bounce rate of each of the pages in Google Analytics and improve upon the messaging to make them more relevant and user-friendly.

Landing pages are an essential part of successful online marketing campaigns. You can use landing pages to target specific audiences with customized messages. These pages help you to capture the details of your leads for further engagement and conversion. You must have a well-defined strategy to design and develop precise, high-conversion landing pages for your marketing campaigns. To improve your campaign results in the long run, you must analyze and iterate on your landing pages. Remember these things, and you’ll be well on your way to success.