14 jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes

Matt Burnett

A great way to show quick information to your users is to use jQuery modal dialog boxes or windows. Dialog boxes can also be used to alert them to warnings, errors and more. If done correctly, good looking dialogs can be an easy way to make your site feel more modern without a lot of extra work.

Many frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation, will include modals and dialogs. However, if all you want is a great looking, easy to use modal window without rolling your own from scratch, there are plenty of libraries out there to help you.

Here are some Modal Dialog Boxes for you, enjoy!

Update 12 Dec 2013: Updated all plugins in this post and added new images of demos. Removed missing plugins and added new ones. There are now 18 decent ones.

Update 10 March 2016: The list of plugins have been completely updated and refreshed. If you’re not already using jQuery, skip to the bonus section for JavaScript libraries that don’t require it!

1. vex

Easily styled, highly configurable, and mobile ready, vex is a pleasure to use. Start using vex on your projects as simply a drop-in replacement, without conflicting with other libraries or plugins you may have installed. Give your site that modern look.

vex example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

2. animatedModal.js

animatedModal.js is a jQuery plugin to create a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions from animate.css or create your own transitions.

animatedModal example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

3. Remodal

Remodal is a responsive, lightweight and fully customizable modal window plugin with declarative configuration and hash tracking. You can also define a background container for the modal (so as to create effects such as a blur). It also supports IE8.

Remodal example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

4. Avgrund Modal

Looking for something a little different? Avgrund may have you covered. The default settings create a unique effect that not only adds animations to the modal, but to the page itself, elegantly creating an illusion of depth. The best way to see how it looks is to check out the demo in the links below for yourself.

Avgrund Modal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

5. noty

Who said modals need to be centered? The default for noty is flush with the top of the screen ( with the ability to easily set a variety of positions). Other modal dialogs can achieve this effect, so this isn’t necessarily unique to, but noty makes it very easy to configure.

noty Modal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

6. Lean Modal

If you are using jQuery, but still want something lightweight, Lean Modal is lean and mean. At only 1kb, with no extra CSS, you’ll hardly even notice Lean Modal is there.

Lean Modal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

7. jQuery Popdown

Tired of going popping up? Try popping down for a change. jQuery Popdown’s default, and only, animation comes in from the top and into our list. What it lacks in documentation and customizability, it makes up for in simplicity.

jQuery Popdown Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

8. jQuery UI Dialog

jQuery UI is a well supported, widely used, easily customizable, lightweight jQuery based frontend framework. The entire framework includes much more more than just modals, but if all you’re looking for are the dialog boxes, each module of the framework can be easily used individually from the download page.

jQuery UI Modal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

9. Colorbox

Designed as a lightbox plugin to display images, Colorbox can elegantly meet the needs of both a lightbox and a modal dialog system.

Colorbox Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

10. BlockUI

While every plugin on this list is capable of Ajax, BlockUI is built for it. It allows developers to simulate synchronous behavior using Ajax, without locking the browser. BlockUI adds elements to the DOM to give it both the appearance and behavior of blocking user interaction.

BlockUI Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

11. jQuery Modal

For what it lacks in creative naming, it makes up for in browser support. The documentation claims to even support the text based browser Lynx. But, don’t be confused, jQuery Modal is not part of the jQuery project.

jQuery Modal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

12. nyroModal

Do you like customization? Well, let me introduce nyroModal. Many of the other plugins on this list allow for a great deal of customization, but nyroModal is designed around allowing the developer a great deal of freedom, even down to the animations.

nyroModal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

13. jqModal

At only about 375 lines of code, including comments, the source code jqModal is very basic and straightforward. Making it a great option if you want to dig into the source code yourself.

jqModal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

14. Zebra Dialog

The default flat theme on Zebra looks fantastic, however feel free to customize your own!

Zebra Dialog Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

Bonus: rmodal

Want something that doesn’t use jQuery, but is still lighweight and looks great? You may have found the one you’re looking for. Coming in at 3kb and no jQuery dependancy, rmodal is the most lightweight option on our list.

rmodal Example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub

Bonus: SweetAlert

SweetAlert may not be the most lightweight modal on our list at 17kb, but it is the most popular. However, it does not need jQuery. If your site is small and the only reason you’re considering jQuery is to add a dialog, 17kb is much smaller than the entire jQuery library which can be hundreds of kilobytes. Sweet Alert also looks really great.

Sweet Alert example

Homepage/Demo | GitHub