10 Slider-based WordPress Plugins

Sam Deering
10 slider based WordPress Plugins that use jQuery for image slider animations. Every day new plugins are developed for WordPress, it’s growing out of control. Using content sliders or integrating dynamic navigation menus or even using sliding social bookmark icons make our blogs stand out from the crowd. Today’s post is the collection of slider-based WordPress plugins which will make your blog more dynamic. jQuery developers also show jQuery code in WordPress (like this one!).

1. Dynamic Content Gallery

This plugin creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest and/or featured content using either the JonDesign SmoothGallery script for mootools, or a custom jQuery script.

2. Lazyest Stack

The plugin shows the albums as a slider, and when an album is chosen, it shows the images of that album as a photo stack. In the photo stack view, you can browse through the images by putting the top most images behind the entire stack with a slick animation.

3. CUBE3D, images gallery, menu, slider

A flash real 3D with an expectacular desing. Cube3d Gallery is perfect to create:3D photo galleries, 3D portfolios,3D menus,3D slideshow and 3D catalogs.

4. iSlidex

This is not a gallery plugin. It is indeed a slideshow plugin, completely automated once you set the number of slides you would like to feature, the size and the category from where iSlidex will pull the images from. You can decide also whether to have nice semi-transparent captions, with the title of the post for each slide.

5. Tab/Sliders for WordPress posts/pages

Tabs and Slides (in post/page) Plugin gives you the ability to easily add content tabs and/or content slides.

6. jQuery Accessible Slider

Slider controlling the number of your blog’s recent posts and uses the jQuery WAI-ARIA enabled accordion and slider.

7. Rekt Slideshow

A WordPress plugin that will make it simple to insert a jQuery based fading slideshow of images anywhere on a wordpress site. The plugin gives an options page where the user can choose the slideshow size, number of pictures, and slide transition duration as well as choose the images by using the WordPress built in media upload dialog.

8. Featured Articles Lite

Put featured posts or pages into a fancy JavaScript slider that can be set to display on any category page, page or homepage.

9. Meteor Slides

Easily create slideshows and publish them with a short code or widget. The slideshows are powered by jQuery Cycle and have over twenty transition styles to choose from.

10. UnPointZero Slider

Is a plugin that display a slideshow for your news or pages! It’s fully customizable with CSS and scale automatically images to the right size.

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