10 New jQuery Plugins for August 2011

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Another month, another 10 BRAND SPANKING NEW jQuery plugin for the month of August 2011. What have people been up to this month? Check out the list to find out what’s new in the jQuery plugin world. Enjoy!

1. Font Sizer

Font sizer is a highly configurable, unobtrusive jQuery plugin that allows users to adjust the font size of specific area(s) of text on your website. It’s lightweight, easy to configure and adds a nice bit of functionality to your blog, forum or news site.

2. Tipped 2 – jQuery Tooltips

Allows you to easily create beautiful tooltips using the jQuery JavaScript library. Evolved from the popular Prototip library, Tipped takes tooltips to the next level by using HTML5 to give you full control over the look and feel of your tooltips.

3. Auto Truncator

This class implements multiline html truncation, expand-collapse links, and wordwrap / hyphenation through JavaScript using the jQuery library. It follows a binary tree split algorithm along DOM textnodes & html nodes. On page load the Truncator will automatically wrap & truncate containers with the truncate class.

4. jOVI – A jQuery plugin on top of the Nokia Maps API

All these reasons below led me to the idea of wrapping Nokia’s API in a jQuery plugin that anybody can easily add to their website.
– The user interface and user experience of the maps at Nokia is great.
– The API looks very complete, although I seem to understand they are continuously improving it.
– The API has A LOT of features, most of which will never be used by the average web developer.
– The documentation is kind of poor and not very user friendly.

5. Minimal Placeholder

This simple jQuery plugin allows you to easily create cross-browser placeholder text in any “input” or “textarea” elements. Just set the “value” (or text) and “title” of any input or textarea and call the plugin to the element by its ID, class or tagName.

6. copyCSS

A slight update, and another extension to simplify copying styles to another element.

7. jQuery Character Restriction

This plugin allows for form input fields and textarea elements to have character restrictions. Alpha-numeric is default, but choices include alpha only, numeric only, and regular expression. Additional allowed characters can be added to the alpha-numeric, alpha, and numeric options.

8. Auto Save Form script

This jQuery script brings GMail style auto saving feature to any form on your site. A nifty plug and play script, it periodically saves the contents of any form and recalls them if needed, up until when the form is actually submitted.

9. ht5ivf – HTML5 inline form validation

The jQuery ht5ifv plugin is an extensible and highly configurable jQuery plugin which allows validation of the HTML5’s forms while the user is typing. It is extensible because it allows the programmer to define new restrictions beyond those already defined by HTML5.

10. Smart Social Counter

A plugin will help you to show your site social network counter. You can use floating bar or inside your page.

> Easy to configure.
> Two beautiful layouts: box and float
> Fully dynamic controlled
> Full extend by plugin variable.
> Custom CSS for the effect
> jQuery nice hover effect .
> Light weight

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