10 Online JSON Tools

By Sam Deering
Here is a collection of online JSON tools which I have used while developing with jQuery & JSON data. They each have features which can come in handy to do the following: JSON validation online, JSON parsing online, JSON online editing, JSON online viewing, JSON to XML conversion online, XML to JSON conversion online and more cool JSON stuff.

1. JSONLint

Pretty much the most popular online JSON validator. Simply paste your JSON code in and click validate.


2. Online JSON Tree Viewer

Online JSON Tree Hierarchy and find variable/value paths useful for deeply nested (large) JSON files.


3. Shell JSON Tools

Great online JSON and JS tools to parse xml, encode base 64, decode base 64, encrypt password, encode md5, evaluate regex and more.


4. Online JSON Viewer

Pretty useful tool to cleanup your JSON, remove whitespace, and format JSON etc.


5. Simple JSON Viewer

Convert JSON Strings to a Friendly Readable Format.


6. JSON Parser Online

Simple string Parse and JS Eval online.


7. JSON Editor – XML to JSON

This editor allows for easy editing of JSON strings and quickly converting XML to JSON.


8. JSON Formatter & Validator

This tool hopes to solve the problem by formatting and validating JSON data so that it is easy to read and debug by human beings.


9. XML to JSON and JSON to XML

In this page you can convert an xml to JSON and vice versa.


10. JSONedit

JSONedit is a simple JSON editor with text and tree view. Complete application.


  • Someone Special

    #10. JSONedit is not an online tool. It is a proprietary Windows-only binary. Completely useless.

  • shikhs

    can we have the source code of any of these parsers??

  • Jimmi Prajapati

    Found another good json online tool

    where you can share your Json data, if you want by creating a unique link. and yes, json to xml converter too.

  • bips

    Another good one for prettifying:

  • James
  • Kendra Ladner

    Don’t forget

  • Alok Banjare

    Hi, I am Alok Banjare, I also have developed a nice and clean JSON Parser which allows you to beautify your JSON string, just check out here , thanks in advance ;)

  • geekonweb

    Another nice tool which can be used to format JSON online ..

  • Patrick Reinhardt
  • Iris Panabaker
  • Datam Geek

    for viewing and analyzing really large JSON files I love using

  • Disney Romero

    I would like to mention this site, it is not a parser, but a good way to store json online:

    It keeps the archive for at least a year (365 days) even if nobody use it.

    You are able to put the name that you want and different versions with the same name can be stored. No body can modify the json after it is submitted.

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