10 jQuery Page Peel Plugins

Sam Deering

Update May 2016: Some plugins and demos in this post no longer exist, so links to them have been removed. The post will be updated with fresh links.

I’m sure that you have seen the jQuery Page Peel effect that looks like a page from a book being opened. This effect can be applied to websites for things such as to show advertisements, announcements, content, features, premium etc… Previously these effects were developed in Flash, now we can simply use the jQuery library to make it easier. Check out some plugins and tutorials below and PEEL some fun! ;)

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1. Netoops Page Peel

This Page peel is used to show ads, attract blog visitors and they may have the tendency to click on ad and your earnings increases.

Netoops Page Peel


2. jQuery Page Peel 1.2.1

You have to have enough room to display the full page out (this one’s set up as 500×500).

Page Peel 1.2.1


6. How to Create A Page Peel Advertisement in WordPress

Creating Page Peel Adv for your wordpress site is very easy. Learn how in this tutorial.

Page Peel Advertisement in WordPress

Source + Demo

7. Sexy Page Peel Effect Tutorial & jQuery Plugin

Using some simple lines of jQuery you can peel a corner of a website and see a message underneath just like forms of advertisings.

Sexy Page Peel Effect

Source + Demo

9. Free jQuery Page Peel Script

To use this script you need to edit the peel.js file and put the link and image paths in that you want to use.

jQuery Page Peel Script


10. jQuery Peelback Ad

This is a jQuery plugin for adding a “peelback” or “peelaway” ad to a page.

jQuery Peelback Ad