10 jQuery-based WordPress Plugins

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Remember the first days of WordPress and how simple the system was? especially there were not many jQuery based WordPess plugins around. But, WordPress developers bring us heaps of jQuery plugins these days improving this wonderful CMS! So we bring you 10 jQuery-based WordPress Plugins! Enjoy!

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1. WP Selected Text Sharer

This plugin allows share/search selected text of the site. Users can tweet,email,digg(+96 sites) selected text. Increases site usage and sharing. When a user selects a “Quote” of your site, a popup is displayed. When that quote is tweeted, the selected Quote and the link to that blog post are also tweeted in Twitter.

2. Promotion Slider

A jQuery slider that makes it easy to insert a simple slideshow, or implement multiple rotating ad zones, on a webpage. Because it is highly-customizable, you are in complete control of what shows on the slider, what shows on your promotion pages and how it all works.

3. Pop Your Notes

This plugin shows modal window using jQuery simple modal plugin. While it’s activated, a necessary JS and Stylesheet is being already inserted WordPress’s section.

4. Folding Archives

Provides a sidebar widget to display archives in a small and simple jQuery dropdown menu. The widget allows you to select how far back to display archives (in days ), a custom title and an option for including jQuery.

5. Kau-Boy’s AutoCompleter

Integrates a google suggest like search to your blog. Kau-Boy’s AutoCompleter uses the Ajax.Autocompleter function of script.aculo.us or the jQuery Au.

6. Scrollarama

This plugin creates a widget which loops up to ten recent posts and cycles through them with your selected jQuery Cycle effect.

7. “Easy Speak” Widget Contact Form

This plugin utilizes a WordPress widget and jQuery to create a widgetized contact form that visitors can use to send the site owner, or whoever you decide for that matter, email without the need to refresh or navigate from the page. The plugin has been updated to check the email address is formatted correctly to try and reject spam!

8. jQuery Archives Plugin

Allows you to display your WordPress posts in chronological order (newest to oldest) on a per-month and per-year basis, in a cool accordion-like fashion.

9. jQuery Post Preview

Live post preview on “Write/Edit post” page of WordPress admin area using jQuery. If you don’t like WordPress built-in Visual Editor (because it puts a lot of unnecessary tags or by any other reasons), but you want to have live post preview like in Visual Editor.

10. jQuery Comment Preview

Live comment preview without page reboot. Works on jQuery.
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