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10 jQuery HTML Plugins

Sam Deering

Here’s another list of 10 jQuery HTML Plugins to spice up your HTML based websites ;-). Check it out and see what else you’ve never been bumped into. Have fun!

1. jQCandy floating-head-foot plugin

This plugin is useful for HTML pages containing large tables that do not fit in the browser viewport. The goal is to get it fixed on top/bottom of the browser when scrolling through the table, as Excel does for example.

2. jq-log

jQuery logger can log any object with recursion to html element, or console.

3. “Sticklr” – Sticky Side Panel CSS3 + jQuery Plugin

jQuery plugin to easily create sticky side panel menu.
> Fixed position
> Left/Right Side
> Centered Automatically
> Still works without JS (CSS Fallback)
> Show on Hover/Click/Dblclick
> Multiple columns
> Flexible Styling
> Cross-browser compatible
> Simple & lightweight

4. Plasma jQuery Plugin

Is simple plugin which helps you to create beautiful slideshows in few moments. Using this plugin you can create numerous slideshows beginning from simple vertical/horizontal accordion slideshow with optional navigation, titles and so on ending up with slide deck where each slide is stacked on top of previous one.

5. Kajabity WIKI Text Plugin

Convert WIKI style text to HTML.
This plugin provides the following features:
> $.wikiText( plaintext ) – a jQuery Utility Function to convert WIKI formatted text to HTML.
> $.fn.wikiText( plaintext ) – a jQuery wrapper function to add WIKI formatted text to a DOM object.

6. StyleList

Script for flexible styling of lists (ol, ul). Lists are transformed into a table.

7. jQuery Render Plugin

Is Render html by template and JavaScript Object. Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.

8. LightHTML

This plug-in is a simple port based on Steven Levithan’s replaceHtml function, designed to speed up the native innerHTML Javascript assignment property and as a replacement for jQuery’s html() function.

9. Screw (scroll + view) – A jQuery Plugin

Is a jQuery plugin which loads HTML as a user scrolls the webpage. Screw will help you save bandwidth by only loading content as it is scrolled into view.

10. HDIMS – HTML positions & dimensions

Useful for developers and designers of web sites to effectively solve the problem of proper positioning and dimensions of the html components.