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10 Incredible Characters and 3D Animation Scenes

Tara Hornor

The past few years of 3D animation have shown huge leaps and bounds in visual quality improvements. New software and technology has made it possible for animators to take their work to new heights. Video games, short films, TV shows, and full length movies — 3D animation has become quite realistic in every media outlet.

While watching the animation in action can’t be beat, sometimes it is even more inspiring to view the characters and background elements in detail and up close. The following roundup includes both characters and landscapes from a variety of 3D animated media. As you view them, notice the fine artwork, incredible effects, and the minute details in each. Then, feel free to tell us which ones are your favorites. If you are really impressed, visit the artist’s portfolio and tell them how much you appreciate their work!

Halo 4 – Forward Into Dawn Opener from Polynoid

Meindbender Team Loro from Techno Image

Sperlari “The Shop” by Tax Free Films

“Mirror, Mirror” VFX by Rodeo FX

MTV Summer Ident by Mirari & Co.

Nike Flywire by Jonathan Kim

FoxCrime Natale by Ronda

Yoplait GREEK 100 by Mark Lindner

Bezeq Dance from Gravity

The Lego Story from Lani Pixels

Which scene is your favorite? Can you think of others worth including?