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50 Fantastic (Nostalgic) Retro Website Designs

By Tara Hornor
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Mila Milic

While coming up with this research, I struggled with the concept of “retro.” What is retro, really? Retro is the Beach Boys, World War II posters, psychedelic designs, and vintage 1940s and 50s Chevy ads. While I can’t put it into so many words, I can definitely show you what I think the idea of retro is in terms of web design.

This collection of retro website designs is just one perspective on the retro genre. You could go in many different directions with lots of different retro concepts, and this collection hopefully touches on most of the main themes. What kinds of retro elements do you reach for when you want to give something an older look and feel?

1. Dilly Deli

2. Visual Republic

3. Bean Exchange

4. Pointless Corp

5. Mister Aero

6. Go Live Button

7. Macaroni Bros

8. You Know Who Design

9. Forefather’s Group

10. Fred Perry

11. Big Sweater Design

12. Sprocket House

13. Time For Cake

14. Revolution Church

15. Target Scope

16. Thigpen Designs

17. Thrush Exhaust

18. Thunderfuel

19. Radio: The New York Moon

20. Small Stones Recordings

21. Eric Henning

22. Level 2 Design

23. Custom Design

24. Devotchka

25. Forty Seven Media

26. Cotton Seed Oil Tour

27. Jeff Sarmiento

28. Media Boom

29. AdaptD

30. ZZZ Drink

31. Jared Campbell

32. Walking Wall of Words

33. Peter Nappi

34. Jolly Duck Hunting

35. Forever Heavy

36. Web-O-Matic

37. Cabedge

38. Brock Kenzler

39. Trailer Park Truck

40. Shoshorov

41. Robedwards

42. Retro Edge Design

43. Black Moon Design

44. i Avion

45. Big State Festival

46. Web Designer

47. Dollar Dreadful

48. 1927

49. Mom and Popcorn

50. Lanikai Properties

Do you have any retro web designs to share? What does “retro” mean to you?

  • Johan

    Ehm.. “Brock Kenzler (38)” and “Go Live Button (6)” show the same image. I checked a few and “Pointless Corp (4)” had no content on their website.. might want to check these please.. Other than that, thanks for the designs! Lots of interesting concepts!

  • Federica

    Another very well done retro website to add to your nice collection:

  • Gary

    Excellent collection of sites that I hate to think of as retro although obviously they’re not WordPress-like.

  • Lisa
  • Gavin

    Retro websites are great combination of excellent typography, color composition and pictures. I always like the idea of designing some retro websites. I believe retro websites attracts visitors more than any other normal websites.

  • TomW

    Some really great retro web designs here! So much attention to detail.

  • Sarah Neal
  • Paul Clapp

    Thanks for adding my site to the list, much appreciated :)

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