10 Essential Programs/Apps/Tools I Use as a Web Developer

By Sam Deering

Just a quick list of some programs, online apps & tools I use on a daily basis as a Web Developer. Hopefully you can use them too!

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1. Sublime 2

Sublime 2 has been my code editor of choice for the past few years. It’s lightweight, highly customizable and can run standalone if you need quick code editing on the fly it runs off a USB stick. Did I mention it’s free to use?


2. Git Bash

I use Git Bash to commit code to/from my repositories on GitHub, Bitbucket, run/watch SASS/COMPASS and running build scripts and more. Great tool.


3. Snag It

This is by far the best screenshot take and snip tool I have used. Great tool. Period.



Running a local server is essential to your web development. It helps with speed, code maintenance and testing. I’m predominantly a Windows user so I choose WAMP to service my local Apache server.


5. Evernote

An basic but outstanding program which you can make and store notes which sync across devices. Great if your out and about and need to jot something down or get something you previously jotted down.


6. Gliffy

An excellent online diagram making tool. Useful for quickly drawing up requirements, use cases or activity diagrams then sharing them with clients.


7. Putty

Putty is a free SSH client terminal I use to connect to my AWS instances and manage my servers. Essential.


8. Asana

A new onlone web app I’ve been using to organise work projects, tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines etc… (GTD like). Still new to this one but looks outstanding for fast lightweight project management.


9. Lift Do

I use this little App to get some good habits going. It serves as a little checklist facility for daily tasks (most of them non-work related) such as “eat healthy breaky”, “do my pressups”, “take a morning break from computer” etc… You may laugh but working on computer 12+ hours a day you need breaks!


10. Cyfe

I just started using this online app to get an overview of my projects and measure success, check uptime, social rankings, analytics etc.. Nice little dashboard.


Other programs I use include: Complete Google Apps, (Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts etc), Skype, Team Viewer, HipChat, WinSCP, Photoshop, Fresh books, and a whole heap of 100 others…

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  • GFC

    Nice tools!
    Btw, you write team viewer twice LOL

    • jQuery4u

      Oh so I did, thanks for that!: )

  • Jaap Aap

    Nice list. I use the Uniform Server instead of WAMP: easier to setup and upgrade:

    • jQuery4u

      Cool not heard of that one.

  • Arash

    sublime is the best IDE that I ever seen but its not free and if you using free version, you must get an alert every 30 minutes to upgrade !

  • Bob Jones


    I use PicPick instead of Snag It. Free and really handy screen snip tool.

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