Yahoo Starts Scrapping Search Services

By Craig Buckler

Yahoo search scrappingYahoo has announced that two of its search engine-powered web services will be officially closed on 31 August 2009:

  1. Term Extraction — a service that provides a list of significant words or phrases extracted from a larger document, and
  2. Contextual Web Search — a service which allows you to search the Internet for web pages using a context-based query.

The announcement was made by Brian Cantoni of the Yahoo Developer Network in a Yahoo Groups posting. According to the post, both these public-facing sevices share an internal backend data source that is closing down.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Yahoo is re-evaluating their systems and technologies. Under the terms of the recent Yahoo-Microsoft deal, Bing will replace Yahoo’s search engine. As we reported last week, that is likely to have an impact on other projects — especially those that are related to the search system.

Neither of the discontinued services could be considered ‘high volume’ and few people have complained about their demise. Yahoo are not adverse to scrapping under-performing or obsolete systems (such as GeoCities), but this could be a first step toward a leaner, marketing-led, profit-orientated Yahoo. Projects may be culled, but at least the company will survive.

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  • pad2

    Yahoo should re-evaluate their systems and technologies. Else the search terms will be affected.

  • bar338

    Yahoo has developed a horde of applications over the years, this is going to be a great way to get them to clean up and focus their resources in more profitable directions.

  • Anonymously

    Yahoo is of no value… wish the company would die.

  • I like that they are cleaning up a bit, but I would really like to know if they are going to close down BOSS for good or if they will convert that API to use Bing’s search engine instead.


  • Anonymous

    Now if only they would scrap their email services.

  • Dorsey

    Yahoo? What’s Yahoo? For that matter, what’s AOL? Dead services.

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