When and How to Update Your Logo Successfully

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Updating a logo can be an intimidating task. A logo is the iconic image that the public associates with your company, so changing this figure can be almost devastating if not done in the right way or at the right time. So many businesses have made over their logo and received a barrage of criticism from customers. Yet there comes a time for almost any business when updating a logo cannot be ignored. The following are a few reasons why you may need to revamp your logo, followed by some tips for making sure your redesign improves rather than discredits your company image.

Signs You Need a Logo Update

Your logo is clearly dated – Maybe you used a color scheme that was trendy at the time but now shows your logo’s age. Or maybe the design itself connotes something completely different to the majority of the public today than it did in the past. Another reason for updating is a major shift in audience or marketing. For instance, your brand has gone global or your company needs to look more web-friendly. Your logo is confusing– Some logos are bad from the get-go. If you find nearly everyone that you hand your business card to squinting in confusion when they see your logo, this is a sign that they don’t get the design. Or maybe you found out that your logo looks great in black and white but is unrecognizable in color, or vice versa. Complete a survey. If most customers cannot remember your logo, you should change your design.

Tips for a Successful Logo Makeover

If you decide that a makeover is inevitable, then take precautions to avoid a logo redesign disaster. Here are just a few tips to help guide you on your way to logo update success. Do your research – Take some time to search online or in a local bookstore for logos, both redesigns and originals. With the logo redesigns, notice which ones worked and which didn’t. Examine what each company changed about the design: color, graphic, font. Look at logos from other companies within your industry. Do you notice any common themes or elements? Define the reason for change – Whether your reason for change is that your target market has changed or your logo is outdated, spelling out your reason for a makeover gives you a clear vision. Keep this vision in front of you at all times of the design and you are much more likely to have an effective redesign. Decide if you need to update or revamp completely – Make only the smallest changes possible. If you only need to update your logo, figure out what is old-fashioned or what no longer speaks to your current audience, and only change those elements. If you need a complete overhaul, proceed carefully and keep reading. Determine important elements in your logo – Study every element in your logo: colors, font, graphic, style, layout, and more. What are the most important aspects of your logo that need to remain? Even if you will be completely revamping your logo, try to keep at least one element intact. Create multiple redesigns and test
– Finally, never release your new logo without testing. And do not settle for the first redesign you or your designer creates. Choose the best two or three with your colleagues, and then send these test logos out in a survey. See what responses come back and go from there. You may have to redesign more than once before getting the perfect logo update. Has your business ever updated its logo? Was it a success? Any logo makeover tips you would like to share?

Frequently Asked Questions about Logo Redesign

What are the key considerations before redesigning a logo?

Before you embark on a logo redesign, it’s crucial to understand why you need a change. Is it because your logo is outdated, or is it not resonating with your target audience? Once you’ve identified the reason, consider your brand’s core values and how your new logo can reflect these. Also, think about your target audience and what would appeal to them. Lastly, consider the cost and time involved in the redesign process and whether it aligns with your business goals.

How can I ensure my logo redesign is successful?

A successful logo redesign requires a clear understanding of your brand, its values, and its audience. It’s important to maintain some elements of your old logo to ensure brand recognition. Also, consider getting feedback from your audience and stakeholders before finalizing the design. Lastly, ensure your new logo is versatile, scalable, and timeless.

What are some common mistakes to avoid during a logo redesign?

Common mistakes during a logo redesign include straying too far from the original design, making the logo overly complex, and not considering how the logo will look in different contexts. It’s also a mistake to rush the process or ignore feedback from your audience and stakeholders.

How often should a company redesign its logo?

There’s no set rule for how often a company should redesign its logo. It depends on various factors such as changes in the company’s direction, target audience, or industry trends. However, a logo redesign should not be done too frequently as it can confuse customers and dilute brand recognition.

How can I measure the success of my logo redesign?

The success of a logo redesign can be measured through various metrics such as increased brand recognition, positive customer feedback, and improved business performance. You can also conduct surveys or use social media to gauge public opinion about your new logo.

Should I involve my customers in the logo redesign process?

Involving customers in the logo redesign process can provide valuable insights and ensure the new logo resonates with your audience. However, it’s important to balance customer feedback with your brand’s vision and goals.

How can I effectively communicate my logo redesign to my audience?

Communicating your logo redesign effectively involves explaining the reasons behind the change and how it aligns with your brand’s evolution. You can use various channels such as your website, social media, and email newsletters to share the story behind your new logo.

What are some successful examples of logo redesigns?

Successful examples of logo redesigns include Apple, Starbucks, and Airbnb. These companies managed to modernize their logos while maintaining their brand identity and recognition.

Can a logo redesign improve my business performance?

A logo redesign can potentially improve business performance by enhancing brand recognition, attracting a new audience, and aligning your brand with current trends. However, it’s just one aspect of your overall branding and marketing strategy.

What are the steps involved in the logo redesign process?

The logo redesign process typically involves understanding your brand and audience, researching industry trends, brainstorming ideas, creating and refining designs, getting feedback, and finally implementing and promoting your new logo.

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