By Darren Jones

Watch: Writing a Play Card Game with Ruby?

By Darren Jones

Ruby is a brilliant language, which is why I’ve created an entire course to get you up and running with Ruby.

If you’re reading this, then that means you’ve been thinking about it already. The great thing is that now you have no excuse to stop here. In this lesson I’ll get you prepped and ready to go so you can build a card game using Ruby. Now you have something to show off and on your way towards having ticked Ruby from your to do list.

You can find the code samples for this video on GitHub.

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  • Chris Ward

    Cool! There is also a ruby library somewhere to help you with this that I came across… And check out my own ruby-related efforts (Well, Jekyll)

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    • daz4126

      Thanks Chris – glad you liked it.

      I really need to have a go at using Jekyll, thanks for the link!

      • Chris Ward

        I’m going to try and bundle what I have into a ‘game creation framework’, ideally I want to then spit out the results into the new wave of tabletop emulators, but not all of them are particularly extensible right now.

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