WaSP Releases Acid3 Test

    Matthew Magain

    The Web Standards Project announced yesterday that the Acid3 Test for JavaScript and DOM compliance had been released.

    The Acid3 Test is designed to test specifications for Web 2.0, and exposes potential flaws in implementations of the public ECMAScript 262 and W3C Document Object Model 2 standards. Collectively known as DOM Scripting, it is these technologies that enable advanced page interactivity and power many advanced web applications such as web-based email and online office applications.

    As a series of 100 mini-tests, Acid3 has already been found to expose flaws in all tested browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. WaSP hopes that Acid3 will prove useful to browser makers during the development of future versions of their products.

    The driving force behind the test, Ian Hickson, accepted input from the developer community to make the test the most comprehensive collection of (mostly unrelated) edge cases and specification non-compliance. The hope is that, like Acid2 before it, browser makers will strive to improve their product so that it passes the test, therefore (hopefully) making cross-browser JavaScript development both consistent and predictable.