By Ricky Onsman

JavaScript Comes Back to SitePoint

By Ricky Onsman

While our JavaScript aficionados have loved having their own hangout at, the greater SitePoint audience has made us aware that hiving off all things JS to a separate site didn’t work so well for them.

SitePoint readers have told us they want the JS articles back in the SitePoint fold, instead of having to go to a separate site. As a bit of a jack of all web trades myself, I’m one of the people who found themselves wishing we still had all those great JavaScript articles right here on SitePoint.

That’s not to say all the JS articles will disappear into this site. JSPro will retain a specific channel on SitePoint, making it easy to focus on just the JS-related articles, which can now include articles that cross over disciplines, for example in cases where an article is about JavaScript, CSS and HTML working together.


We’ll also retain the JSPro newsletter, keeping you up to date on our latest JS articles as well as the most relevant resources from SitePoint and Learnable.

We have a few other surprises in store over the next few months, which will make the re-inclusion of JavaScript articles part of a new overall approach by SitePoint, helping us continue to be the premier resource to help web developers not only do their job, but become better at it.

  • Brian

    I always wondered why JS had disappeared off sitepoint :)

    welcome back!

  • Kenny Landes

    Glad to see JS back where it should be.

  • William

    Yeah! I start learning Javascript this week so glad it is back…just in time :)

  • Matt Norrish

    I loved having JSPro as a separate site. Surely it was publicised enough but maybe there should have been more integration with Sitepoint – like a listing of latest JSPro articles.

    • I think you’re right , Matt. Getting the right balance between JS-specific + stand-alone and JS-inclusive + integrated proved tricky. Making JS a “channel” on SitePoint seems a good way of having it both ways.

  • Interesting. I’ve been coming here for years, and had no idea there was a

    • One of the reasons JSPro was created in the first place was because the turnover of articles on SitePoint can be so fast that articles get missed in the flood. You can see in the Related Posts box above that there were articles about it. However, we now have some new plans on managing the “flooding” issue (sh, top sekrit).

    • John Morley

      Ditto! I use js for as much as I can, except not yet node.js, and especially jquery.

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