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Video Tutorial: Photo Retouching And Color Grading, Part 2

By Peter North



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As your proficiency in Photoshop continues to improve, the learning curve seems to get steeper and steeper. There’s rarely a single “correct” way to approach any image editing task, so the more techniques you can master, the more versatile and capable you’ll be as a designer.

In a continuation of Photo Retouching And Color Grading, Mike Pecci focuses on the blending of colors and textures using Photoshop layers and masks at various levels of opacity. He also applies a lens flare from a separate image, draws out subtle contrast improvements using adjustment layers, and demonstrates a clever way to include bubbles (a notoriously difficult Photoshop task) within his photograph.

For photography gear, Mike uses Nikon products, Sekonic light meters, and Zacuto rigs. Follow Mike and ask any questions on twitter: twitter​.com/​M​i​k​e​P​ecci

Do you seek aesthetic perfection from your Photoshop work, or do you prefer Mike’s approach of preserving true realism?

Peter is Chief Digital Officer of CuriosityStream, a multi-platform nonfiction streaming service by the founder of Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet, etc.). Peter is also Co-Founder of True North, a management consulting firm and digital marketing agency with clientele that includes WebMD and Salesforce.

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