By M. David Green

Video: Sass vs SCSS

By M. David Green

In this video I’ll explain the differences between CSS and SCSS in Sass.

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  • Zlatan Beogradlija

    I’m not a programmer myself and I’m still struggling with JS but I really do not understand how anyone could have hard time with Sass syntax. Sass makes it easier because it gets rid of all the visual noise. I have no idea why but I find it irritating that it has been decided to add SCSS syntax. I honestly shouldn’t care one way or the other. Yet I find it annoying that SCSS is promoted more than Sass. At least that’s how it feels like.

    • IMHO:
      *.sass could be prettier but it require all must use it. So, if you have css, you must rewrite it. And, if you are in a team, all must be *.sass capable.
      *.scss could be less prettier but we can work right now with what we have. So, if you have css, it’s ok, you can refactor it and enhance it in the sass way, as you like. And, if you are in a team, you can work with sass fans, or pure css fans, no problem.

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